Annie Hardy

Senior Experience Design Visioneer

Digital Lifecycle Journey (part of CX)

Annie Hardy is Cisco's first Senior Experience Design Visioneer - and boy does she love it. She spends her days dreaming of how Cisco can organically connect people to technology, and getting people excited about possibilities. Annie has almost two decades of experience evangelizing strategic human-centered design and advocating for women and vulnerable populations. Prior to joining Cisco, she was Founder and Managing Director of zeet insights, an Austin-based market and design research firm focused on cloud, machine learning, solar, smart mobility, and other fun technologies. Her adventurous bent is inherited from her ancestors of 6 generations ago, who settled some of the roughest, toughest land in South Texas. Ask her about her three kids and she'll tell you many, many stories. Ask Alexa to play "Life Bites Back" by Joey Hardy, and you'll hear her album. And ask her about her favorite food and she'll wax poetic about funnel cake. To learn more visit anniehardy.io.