High-performance computing – or HPC – fuels groundbreaking research.

To show you how this powerful technology can be used across disciplines in higher education, we’ve started a high-performance computing series that provides real use cases for these supercomputers.

Today, we’re talking big data.

If unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos seems like a daunting task, try demystifying the paradoxes of human behavior.

Asking who makes which decisions in which ways and for which reasons leads to an endless array of questions, relationships, and hypotheses. Even when we narrow down the scope of the inquiry to focus on economic questions, like consumer behavior and investment decisions, the amount of data points we need to consider remains staggering.

With trillions of these interactions and transactions now happening online, economists and behavioral scientists are using HPC to funnel them all through big data tools that help us answer these questions.

So what can you do with all that data? Here are just a few ideas:

Want to learn more about high-performance computing and its impact on your campus? Check out the infographic below.


Rob Lothman

Marketing Specialist, Global Education