higher ed

October 2, 2023


Powering the Experience-Driven Institution

Cisco securely connects and creates the frictionless experiences your students, faculty, and administrators expect – helping create flexible learning classrooms.

July 18, 2022


Insights into the way universities responded to the global pandemic

A recent study tour around Australia, provided some fascinating insights into the way higher education has responded to the global pandemic.

July 6, 2020


Innovating to Enhance Student Outcomes at Curtin University

Discover how Curtin University integrated Cisco technologies to enhance campus experiences, expand the hybrid classroom, and innovate.

October 30, 2017


Why Research Networking Should Matter to a Higher Education Chief Information Officer

Let me share a little secret about being a higher education CIO: most of the decisions I get to make on a daily basis are not technical; they are economic.

October 20, 2017


Cisco at EDUCAUSE: Reimagining Higher Education

Digital technology is changing teaching and learning. Although, if we’re honest, the changes are not due as much to the technology itself as to the culture of innovation it inspires.

October 13, 2017


An IT Security Top 5 from the University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma focuses on cybersecurity year round, but National Cyber Security Awareness Month provides an opportunity to drive action with users and highlight their IT Security Top 5.

August 15, 2017


Empowering Research—and the Next Big Thing—with High-Performance Computing

As someone who frequently wonders, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I’m amazed by the capacity and creativity of those who come up with big ideas.

June 30, 2017


Déjà vu: Cyber Criminals Launch New Ransomware Attack

Cyber criminals are making headlines again with a new ransomware exploit called Nyetya. Is your school, college, or university protected?