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MPI Sessions: a proposal for the MPI Forum

1 min read

Today, a small group of us left “stealth mode” and presented a group of ideas to the MPI Forum loosely grouped under the moniker of “MPI Sessions.” These ideas behind this presentation originated from several places: My previous presentation of crazy ideas about INIT/FINALIZE at EuroMPI’15 in Bordeaux, France That Jonathan Dursi blog entry Other […]

Crazy ideas to revamp MPI_INIT and MPI_FINALIZE

1 min read

I recently had the pleasure of attending EuroMPI 2015, hosted by INRIA in Bordeaux, France (…hey, you should attend EuroMPI 2016 in Edinburgh, Scottland!). I gave two mini-talks during my speaking slot, the first of which was entitled: Crazy ideas about revamping MPI_INIT and MPI_FINALIZE.

MPI 3.1: coming soon to an implementation near you

1 min read

The next MPI Forum meeting will be in Portland, OR, USA, in early March. One of the major topics on the agenda will be voting on the MPI 3.1 standard. You might be wondering what’s new in MPI-3.1. I’m glad you asked.

BigMPI: You can haz moar counts!

2 min read

Jeff Hammond has recently started developing the BigMPI library. BigMPI is intended to handle all the drudgery of sending and receiving large messages in MPI. In Jeff’s own words: [BigMPI is an] Interface to MPI for large messages, i.e. those where the count argument exceeds INT_MAX but is still less than SIZE_MAX. BigMPI is designed […]