FY20 CSR Impact Report

Connecting in a time of crisis: Cisco’s response to COVID-19

Cisco's response to COVID-19 includes enabling the world’s networks to handle the sudden work-from-home surge, and providing collaboration tools that keep us connected.

Business and Human Rights at Cisco

Cisco recognizes we have a responsibility to respect human rights and we meet this responsibility in a way that reflects the global nature of our business.

EnergyOps: Reducing Cisco’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

EnergyOps, which focuses on reducing our energy use and GHG emissions, is an issue of high importance to our customers, employees, and company leadership.

Social Justice and the hills we climb

Cisco Vice President, Chief Inclusion & Collaboration Officer, Shari Slate, shares how we commemorate Social Justice week.

Mercy Corps reports on year three of Technology for Impact partnership with Cisco

Technology for Impact is a 5-year collaboration between Mercy Corps and Cisco to unlock new possibilities and reach more people through technology.