connected cities

August 8, 2017


Building Community to Make Life Better

2 min read

Change can be daunting and smart city achievements are complex. Where does one even begin? Sometimes, it needs to be as simple as just getting started. Earlier this summer, alongside...

Moving Beyond Connecting People to Delivering Engaging Interactive Experiences

2 min read

As organizations move toward digital transformation, they are embracing the benefits of delivering timely, personalized information to customers, citizens, and patients. Connecting people with information and services when, where, and...

August 30, 2015


Amplify the Internet of Things in Smart and Connected Cities with Fog

3 min read

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), cities have enormous potential. A city needs to manage many different processes and priorities ranging from trash collection to traffic management, for hundreds of thousands to millions of people distributed over a large area. Many of these processes can be enhanced through the use of IoT. […]

November 12, 2014


IoT Tipping Point Propels Digital Experience Era

3 min read

Call me an optimist. We are fortunate today to watch the dawn of the Digital Experience era as the world becomes digitally more and more connected. Consider that there are...

The Future of Cities is Here, and it’s Digital

2 min read

What does your #CityofTomorrow look like?  Over the past decades, broadband Internet access has been an important enabler of economic growth, social inclusion and improved government services. Now, the latest phase of the Internet—the Internet of Everything (IoE)—is transforming our lives in whole new ways.  The biggest impact of this change is happening in our […]