Erica Schroeder

Director of Marketing, Emerging Technologies

Erica Schroeder is the Director of Portfolio Marketing and Emerging Technologies for Cisco. In this capacity she is responsible for tying together the market opportunities afforded by the Internet of Everything market transition with Cisco’s product portfolio, and identifying and marketing new emerging technologies.

Prior to her current role, Ms. Schroeder launched global marketing for Cisco’s Internet of Things, including Cisco’s network architectures and solutions for connecting the previously unconnected and supporting trillions of sensors collecting massive data. She created the Internet of Things World Forum, to be held in Barcelona in October 2013, and ran the IoT World Forum Steering Committee which met for the first time in February 2013. She previously ran worldwide marketing for Cisco’s market-leading portfolio of enterprise video solutions, technologies and architecture.  Ms.Schroeder launched and ran worldwide marketing for Cisco TelePresence through the acquisition and integration of video leader Tandberg. Earlier, she led Cisco’s product and technology marketing operations, oversaw strategic communications, and ran public and analyst relations for Cisco’s service provider group.

Erica has led the global launch of many emerging video technologies and specializes in bringing early-stage businesses to market.

Ms.Schroeder draws on years of technology experience as West Coast Bureau Chief, columnist and editor for PC Week, covering networking, telecommunications, digital media and video, enterprise applications and data center technologies.  Ms. Schroeder holds a B.A. from Duke

University and is a frequent speaker and commentator about new technologies, IoT, video, networking and collaboration and the impact of new technologies on organizations and culture.



August 14, 2014


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The #InternetOfEverything Machine and What it Means to the World

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Typically art and technology make strange bedfellows. But the Internet of Everything Machine at Cisco Live San Francisco in June was undeniably one of the coolest interactive installations I’ve seen at a conference. The exhibit simulated an attendee’s journey through a city connected by real-time data, so each visitor got a unique and personalized digital […]

#InnovateThink Tweet Chat on Friday 6/20 at 10a.m. PST: Exploring the #InternetofEverything

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The Internet of Everything (IoE) is happening now, bringing together people, process, data and things through networked connections to create new experiences. Over the next 10 years, IoE could generate $4.6 trillion of value in the public sector alone. This means not only helping cities increase revenues or decrease inefficiencies but also make the world […]

The Future of Cities is Here, and it’s Digital

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What does your #CityofTomorrow look like?  Over the past decades, broadband Internet access has been an important enabler of economic growth, social inclusion and improved government services. Now, the latest phase of the Internet—the Internet of Everything (IoE)—is transforming our lives in whole new ways.  The biggest impact of this change is happening in our […]

Telecom Italia Creates SDN Network Testbed with Five Universities

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Telecom Italia is constantly on the lookout for innovative technologies that provide a competitive advantage. The goal is to be the first to offer new services to customers. The latest hot innovations around Software Defined Networking (SDN) caught Telecom Italia’s attention. SDN promises to simplify network operations. And simpler network operations are a big piece […]

February 10, 2014


CiscoLive Milan Highlights: IoE, SDN and a lot of wine

4 min read

Aside from an ill-timed Milanese taxi strike and a lot of rain and snow, the first CiscoLive of 2014 was a fascinating week. Cisco EVP Rob Lloyd announced our latest Cisco ONE capabilities with a new APIC Enterprise module and the new Inter Cloud capability for moving workload (virtual machines) between private and public clouds. […]

December 16, 2013


A Few of my Favorite Things: Video and the Internet of Everything

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Once again, the holiday season is upon us. It’s a time to reconnect with friends and family, share memories and relax. Unfortunately, today’s busy world prevents many of us from physically being together during this special time of year. But these days, the Internet of Everything is starting to be able to bring more people, […]

What Would you Connect to the Internet? Join me on WIRED.com

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What an Orchestra and a Mobile Device have in Common

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