Cisco Spark

October 17, 2017


Intelligent Workflow Drones

Drones must be fully integrated into workflows to be truly successful, says Biren Gandhi. Here`s one example.

October 12, 2017


Funding the Future of Collaboration

The Cisco Spark Innovation Fund is a $150 million initiative to enable exceptional startups, developers, and ISVs to create new solutions to improve the Cisco Spark experience.

October 11, 2017


#CiscoChampion Radio, S4|Ep.11: Desktop Endpoints

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by technologists for technologists. In this episode we’re talking to John Yost about Desktop Endpoints.

September 26, 2017


#CiscoChat Podcast: Cisco Spark in Virtual Reality

Get a peek into one of our most exciting, innovative experiments to date: Cisco Spark in virtual reality (VR) in the latest CiscoChat Podcast episode.

September 18, 2017


Virtual Reality, Meet Cisco Spark

Introducing Cisco Spark in VR, a new experiment with the potential to improve team collaboration. It is available for download today from Oculus Rift Experiences.

September 15, 2017


Live #CiscoChat Sept. 19th — Virtual Reality, Meet Cisco Spark

Learn how Cisco Spark in virtual reality could change the way we collaborate in the future. Join us on Twitter @CiscoCollab for a #CiscoChat, 9/19, 11am PT.

August 31, 2017


Keep Your UC Investments Fresh for the New Digital Workplace

Cisco Collaboration Systems Releases are integrated, designed, and tested to deliver superior experience. Release 12.0 features enhanced mobile experience, stronger security and compliance, improved IPv6 support, updated Cisco Spark Hybrid Services, and simplified administration.

August 22, 2017


Where Video Systems and Self-Driving Cars Converge

The Cisco Spark Room 55 is a high-performance, all-in-one video system, but what does it have in common with self-driving cars? Both innovations rely on extreme camera technology and machine learning.