Neville Letzerich

VP & Chief Marketing Officer

Cisco Security

Neville Letzerich is the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Cisco Security. Leading a global team of marketing professionals, he is responsible for the end-to-end marketing strategy and results driving the world’s largest B2B security business. A results-oriented executive with more than 20 years of leadership experience driving transformation and growth across people, process, and technology, Neville has a detailed knowledge of cybersecurity, SaaS, and application software solutions. Prior to this role, Neville was CMO at Forescout Technologies, where he led global marketing, SDR, and sales enablement functions. He has held CMO roles at Virtru, Duo, Forcepoint, and HotSchedules, where he was responsible for all marketing functions. Neville holds a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University. When not securing our customers’ businesses, you can find him spending time outdoors in Austin, where he resides with his wife and children.


April 6, 2023


Endpoint security: A critical component for resilience

Endpoint defense has become a key element for comprehensive security. Learn how Cisco Secure Endpoint can protect you now and into the future.

February 22, 2023


How to leverage Cisco Security Cloud today

Let’s recap the basics of what the Cisco Security Cloud is, why we’re bringing it to fruition, and how you can start taking advantage of this platform now.

February 8, 2023


Honoring our ‘Cybersecurity Defender of the Year’ in EMEA

Today we honor the Cybersecurity Defender of the Year in EMEA for his passionate acts of advocacy. The robust involvement of all of the Cybersecurity Insider Advocates made the selection process extremely difficult and we are happy to have such a strong community

December 13, 2022


Is your firewall stuck in the 80s?

Today’s workers, data, and applications are everywhere, and firewalls must be as well. Can your firewall keep up, or is it a relic of the past?

October 20, 2022


There’s no better time for zero trust

Learn how to implement a holistic zero trust strategy (at your own pace!) that improves security resilience without sacrificing user experience.

August 24, 2022


Cisco Talos — Our not-so-secret threat intel advantage

Security tools are only as good as the threat intelligence and expertise that feeds them. Learn how Talos helps power our portfolio and protect our customers.

June 29, 2022


What do customers really want (and need) from security?

In today’s world, security must meet many diverse needs. At RSAC and Cisco Live, our customers shared with us exactly what they require to stay cyber resilient.

May 18, 2022


Your employees are everywhere. Is your security?

Hybrid work is here to stay. Learn how you can empower your employees to work from anywhere, while still maintaining security resilience.

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