August 18, 2016


How Cisco ISE Customers Saved Over $17 Million

2 min read

Today, thousands of Cisco customers are using the Identity Services Engine for guest and BYOD access. Naturally they want their users to have a great experience with great looking portals that’s consistent with their company brand. Custom portal creation typically requires technical and design expertise that’s scarcer than you would think. That can put IT […]

June 20, 2016


Corporate Silos are the Nemesis of Collaborative Decisions

1 min read

A recent study analyzed more than 100 million emails and 60 million calendar entries from a 100,000-employee company over three months. The results are interesting. When two people were in the same business unit, function, and office, they interacted 1,000 times more often than two people in otherwise similar roles, but different units. This is […]

How to Start Your Digital Journey in the Oil and Gas Industry

2 min read

The oil and gas industry has an enormous challenge of handling the huge deluge of data. We found that the number one driver for digital investment is linking to data analytics for faster, better decision-making.

September 23, 2015


It’s All About Simplicity: Join Cisco at Wireless Field Day on October 1

1 min read

We are excited to announce that Cisco will be participating in Wireless Field Day 8 this year! Cisco is bringing together independent...

June 16, 2015


#CiscoChampion Radio S2|Ep 23. Cisco Hosted Identity Services

1 min read

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’ll be talking about Cisco Hosted Identity Services with Cisco Lead Architect Eric Eddy. Listen to the Podcast. Learn about the Cisco Champions Program HERE. See a list of all #CiscoChampion Radio podcasts HERE. Ask about the next round of Cisco Champions nominations. […]

June 8, 2015


“Security Everywhere” – Enterprise Branch Security for Direct Internet Access

2 min read

Two weeks ago, a leading global medical device manufacturer came to Cisco for advice. In an effort to streamline IT operations and reduce operating costs, the customer had recently migrated...

May 29, 2015


Enhancing HDX: Improved Mitigation of Wi-Fi Interference through Wi-Fi-Triggered Event-Driven Radio Resource Management …

2 min read

Cisco Systems is announcing a new set of features that enhance its HDX (High Density Experience) suite. This blog is the fourth in a series that explains the new features that comprise the enhancements to HDX. The first three blogs in the Enhancing HDX series are here and here and here. The rapid and massive […]

May 15, 2015


Government’s Journey to IPv6

3 min read

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend and present at the 2015 North American IPv6 Summit. Several hundred IPv6 experts and networking professionals attended from across the country to discuss the IPv6 adoption, hear about the latest IPv6 research and learn what others are doing to prepare for the transition to IPv6. To refresh, […]