Advanced Malware Protection

June 14, 2017


Malicious Spam Comes Roaring Back and Cisco Email Security is Ready

“Did you get my email? The really urgent one? About funding for your new project?” “Maybe. I can’t tell. My inbox is full of spam and I am busy scrutinizing every email and domain name to make sure the sender is a valid person that I actually know and the attachment is a valid… Oh […]

June 1, 2017


Under the hood: Why you need AMP on ESA

With 95 percent of breaches starting with a malicious email campaign, organizations need to be certain that their email security solution will truly protect their data, assets and users.

May 26, 2017


How to protect against the most advanced email-based attacks

With over 100 billion corporate emails exchanged each day, it’s no wonder that email remains a major threat vector. Organizations around the globe depend on email to quickly communicate and collaborate. And as long as organizations use email to send and receive files, communicate and interact, malicious files, links and attachments will continue to plague […]

May 23, 2017


AMPlify your Security

See how our customers are enhancing their security posture with AMP for Endpoints At Cisco we know that security teams are a critical piece of what’s possible in any organization and simplifying their job is of utmost importance to us. We believe that by allowing customers to see more, protect better and respond faster we […]

April 19, 2017


How to Choose a Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solution

When organizations begin their search for an advanced, next-generation endpoint security solution to protect PCs, Macs, servers, and mobile devices, they have a lot of different vendors to choose from and a lot of questions. Can it prevent attacks? What kind of malware can it protect against? What if malware gets in, can it still […]

February 23, 2017


Serenity Now! A better way to malware analysis.

Over the last half decade the term sandboxing has become so pervasive, many customers I speak to have forgotten what it’s for!  Sandboxing is a type of malware analysis – dynamic malware analysis to be exact. You execute a sample / file in a virtual environment and see what happens. There are numerous other types […]

December 9, 2016


Prevent, Detect and Respond with Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Cyberattacks are ever evolving to circumvent and evade “protection-only” technologies. Despite your best efforts to protect against compromise, a persistent attacker will eventually breach your defenses and get inside. Then what? IT security teams need to automatically detect a threat when it gets in. They need to know where it came from, how it entered, […]

August 10, 2016


Cisco achieves 100% detection in Breach test

And why 100% detection is grossly misleading It is with great pride that we received the latest Breach Detection Report from NSS Labs, in which Cisco achieved a 100% detection...

July 12, 2016


Cisco Meraki MX Just Got Better at Fighting Advanced Threats

Cisco redefines what a UTM can be with AMP and Threat Grid for Meraki MX Cybercriminals don’t discriminate – every organization is a target. With the threat landscape continuing to evolve and ever expanding connectivity, digitization and the Internet of Everything (IoE) it has never been more important to have powerful security tools at your […]