John Dominguez

Product Marketing

Cisco Security Business Group

John Dominguez is a product marketer in the Security Business Group at Cisco. With over 7 years experience in the networking and security industry, John is currently focused on the next-generation firewall marketplace. In his role, John is responsible for messaging and positioning, marketing strategy, content creation, sales and partner enablement, and product evangelism for the Cisco Next-Generation Firewall.

In his previous role, he marketed Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection product suite, including AMP for Endpoints, AMP for Networks, and Cisco’s “AMP Everywhere” campaign. Before that, John has worn many hats, including a stint in routing and switching product marketing, small business ownership, and general management for an industrial supply company.

John has an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Michigan, and a BA in Economics and Government from Dartmouth College.

John lives in San Francisco, California.


July 1, 2019


Get a Security System, not a Security Smorgasbord

Cisco is helping customers simplify their security ecosystems with powerful tools that work together to automatically thwart cyber attacks.

June 18, 2019


7 Questions about the Firewall: A Chat with Cisco featuring Gartner

Remember when people used to say, “the firewall is dead”? The numbers tell a different story. Gartner forecasts that this market will become one of the single largest product markets in all of cybersecurity.

April 16, 2019


Kill Complexity with Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Managing security policies is complex and time-consuming, especially when your network has multiple firewalls deployed across many locations. Cisco Defense Orchestrator is here to make your job easier.

March 12, 2019


Can your firewall do that?

Part 3: Explore how a Cisco Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) can help you become less overwhelmed and more empowered by automating networking and security operations, saving you time and reducing complexity.

March 5, 2019


Cisco Firewall Named a 2018 Global Market Leader by Frost and Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan has awarded Cisco the 2018 Market Leadership Award in the Global Network Firewall Market for recognizing market needs and evolving firewall platforms to meet those needs.

February 26, 2019


Can your firewall do that?

Part 2: Visibility to detect and stop threats fast. Many network and security teams struggle with visibility into threat activity. They need exceptional visibility to detect and eliminate active threats before damage is done.

February 13, 2019


Can your firewall do that?

Part 1: Prevent breaches and keep your business moving. Explore how a Cisco Next-Generation Firewall, as a core component of your security defenses, can offer a solution to cyber threats.

September 20, 2018


3 Reasons to Upgrade from Cisco ASA to Cisco Firepower NGFW Today

 You have a Cisco ASA stateful firewall. You like it. It’s reliable. You think, “It works… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But you’ve had your ASA for years now, and during that time, threats have evolved.

January 3, 2018


Introducing Exploit Prevention to Stop File-Less Attacks

In war, any good military strategist will try to exploit their enemy’s weaknesses. Cybercriminals are no different. Their latest tactic: use file-less attacks to exploit vulnerabilities in everyday applications.