Cisco redefines what a UTM can be with AMP and Threat Grid for Meraki MX

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate – every organization is a target. With the threat landscape continuing to evolve and ever expanding connectivity, digitization and the Internet of Everything (IoE) it has never been more important to have powerful security tools at your disposal to provide protection before, during and after an attack.

Providing a simple and effective way to detect and stop known and emerging threats faster, Cisco is now delivering Advanced Malware Protection for the Meraki MX. No longer do SMBs and distributed enterprises need to choose between simplified security management and advanced threat protection- with the integration of Cisco AMP and Threat Grid on Meraki MX, now they can have both!

Taking the MX’s threat protection to the next level, Cisco AMP and Threat Grid give you leading security effectiveness, as tested by NSS Labs, to defend against threats before, during and after an attack. No other UTM can provide the superior visibility, continuous control and advanced threat protection that AMP and Threat Grid bring to the Meraki MX.

So what do Meraki MX customers gain from a functional perspective?

  • Continuous file monitoring – real-time monitoring of files and file activity across all branches and remote locations on the network for deep visibility into threats
  • Retrospective security – receive an automatic alert if a file that initially appeared to be safe later exhibits malicious behavior so you can quickly contain the breach and remediate
  • Global threat intelligence – MX customers can now take advantage of AMP’s global threat intelligence from Cisco Talos. This minimizes management and investigative work with automatic updates and correlation of files, telemetry data, and file behavior against millions of malware samples a day.
  • Advanced Sandboxing – send unknown files to a cloud or on-premise sandbox so that they can be executed safely in a virtual environment and inspected for malicious content.

Known for its simplicity and ease of deployment, the 100% cloud-managed Meraki MX Security Appliance makes it easy to setup and manage Cisco AMP and Threat Grid from the cloud. This advanced threat protection complements the other integrated security services of the Meraki MX, like firewall, IPS, content filtering, and application control.

AMP for Meraki will be available in mid-August as part of the MX Advanced Security License. Already have the Advanced License? Simply reach out to the support team and schedule a time to upgrade. Threat Grid will be available this fall and will be an additional add on to the Advanced License.

As attackers continue to evolve their tactics to evade detection, Cisco continues to innovate so you can stay more secure and do it simply. To learn more visit meraki.cisco.com/amp.


Lindsay van Gemert

No Longer with Cisco