AMPlify your Security

See how our customers are enhancing their security posture with AMP for Endpoints

At Cisco we know that security teams are a critical piece of what’s possible in any organization and simplifying their job is of utmost importance to us. We believe that by allowing customers to see more, protect better and respond faster we can keep businesses more secure and make IT more productive.

We work hard to make AMP for Endpoints a powerful solution that provides our customers with the visibility and control they need to protect their organizations from today’s advanced attacks. We know there is no silver bullet when it comes to security technology and that with the expanding attack surface and evolving tactics and strategies of attackers, we’ve got our job cut out for us.

As we work to continuously strengthen and improve our AMP products, one thing we find incredibly important is user feedback. We make it a point to listen to and engage users early and often when we’re planning our roadmap and building product enhancements and integrations. Whether it be through our quarterly customer briefings, customer forums or various meetings and webinars, we believe the voice of the customer is an integral component to everything we do.

That’s why we are excited to share the results from our recent AMP for Endpoints customer survey! This survey was sent to 8500 global AMP for Endpoint users in numerous industries and of varying company sizes. We received 1060 responses.

Here are several quotations from customers and a few statistics from our recent survey that shows how AMP for Endpoints is making an impact.

These results are just a small view into what users had to say in our recent survey. To see more results and learn more about how AMP for Endpoints has helped organizations, visit the AMPlify Your Endpoint Security page.

Want to test AMP for Endpoints yourself? Sign up for a free trial here:

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  1. Can we use AMP Endpoint security as a single security product on computers, instead of using two AV products on computers? We can enable Windows Firewall since AMP does not have this feature. Or should we wait for larger AMP Endpoint coverage for that. What is the recommendation?

    • Hi Hasan,

      AMP for Endpoints is a next generation endpoint security solution, meaning that we provide capabilities to not only PREVENT attacks, but also rapidly DETECT and RESPOND to any malicious behavior found on endpoints.

      One of our many prevention capabilities includes a built-in AV detection engine. AMP for Endpoints is also PCI and HIPAA compliant, and Windows recognizes AMP as “virus protection” in the System Security Action Center. So, many of our customers dump their current AV agent and have AMP for Endpoints do that work for them as well. But of course, AMP goes far beyond the capabilities of AV and provides sandboxing, continuous monitoring of file activity, retrospection, and low prevalence monitoring to name a few.

      I can’t provide a “recommendation” without looking at your specific security environment/setup, but if your question is “can AMP for Endpoints replace my AV?” the answer is Yes (and it will provide so much more capabilities on top of AV).

      For more information, check out this video:

  2. Another good tool. Great post.