Evgeny Mirolyubov

Technical Marketing Engineer, Advanced Threats Solutions at Security Business Group

Evgeny Mirolyubov is a Technical Marketing Engineer for Advanced Threats Solutions (AMP, Threat Grid, CTA) in the Security Business Group at Cisco. As world is becoming a more scary place for IT security professionals around the globe, Evgeny is looking for ways to help organizations operationalize and benefit from Cisco’s advanced security architecture. He believes, that with the right process and technology in place, companies can significantly reduce the risk of a suffering from a severe compromise, while safeguarding our daily lives.

Evgeny is a graduate of Moscow State Technological University with a major in IT, he has also studied at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, where his primary focus areas were systems and network security. Through his career Evgeny held various position in IT operations, Technical Support and Security Systems Engineering. He is curious to explore further how technology can make the world a safer place.


December 4, 2018


Defeating Polymorphic Malware with Cognitive Intelligence. Part 3: Static Analysis

5 min read

Nowadays, everyone likes to talk about the use of machine learning in cybersecurity. Almost every security vendor leverages machine learning in one form or another. Organizations employ security teams with...

November 28, 2018


AMP for Endpoints Updates: Fall 2018

6 min read

Our engineering and research team work 24/7 to ensure business continuity for our customers. Here are the most recent new features and capabilities released for the AMP for Endpoints Console.

October 12, 2018


Empowering Defenders: AMP Unity and Cisco Threat Response

5 min read

Steadily, more than two thousand customers have incorporated Threat Response and AMP Unity into their daily workflows.

September 29, 2018


Defeating Polymorphic Malware with Cognitive Intelligence. Part 2: Command Line Argument Clustering

7 min read

Command Line Argument Clustering algorithm is an innovative weapon that works for security analysts to help uncover evasive malware and morphing threats in their environments.

August 28, 2018


Cognitive Intelligence: Empowering Security Analysts, Defeating Polymorphic Malware

5 min read

In psychology, the term “cognition” refers to a human function that is involved in gaining knowledge and intelligence. It helps describe how people process information and how the treatment...

August 21, 2018


Streamlining Threat Investigations with AMP Unity

3 min read

Preventing malware incidents is very much like preventing bad things from happening in our day-to-day life. We all take precautions every day (well, most of us do, anyway). Actions as...

August 23, 2017


Take incident response to the next level with AMP for Endpoints and Cognitive Threat Analytics

5 min read

Our data shows that there are 5 to 10 breaches per 1000 seats every week. That number is staggering and exemplifies the limits of traditional prevention. Most of these attacks...

August 9, 2017


Deep Dive into AMP and Threat Grid integration with Cisco Email Security

8 min read

In our previous blog posts about AMP and Threat Grid on Cisco Email Security, we have discussed the approach to email security, that organizations could take to protect themselves against advanced threats. We have as well discussed the components of the solution and how they work together to protect customers from the number one threat […]

June 1, 2017


Under the hood: Why you need AMP on ESA

4 min read

With 95 percent of breaches starting with a malicious email campaign, organizations need to be certain that their email security solution will truly protect their data, assets and users.