Digital + Human Intelligence with CX Cloud

In today’s connected, fast-paced world, consumers and hybrid workers alike are hard-pressed for time.  The success of a business is dependent on whether they can help deliver their product or service as quickly and securely as possible. Totally satisfied customers contribute 14 times as much revenue as a somewhat dissatisfied customer1, so a superior customer experience (CX) is a must-have in any organization’s business strategy.

To stay agile, businesses need to be digitally connected to analytics, automation, and machine learning, combined with the right expertise at the right time. It is also critical to have unified visibility into your assets, capabilities, and insights that identify and mitigate risk quickly, with the flexibility to scale as needed.

Smart and connected experiences

But with all that data, how do you decide which reports or dashboards to pay attention to?  And how do you ensure that critical advisories don’t get missed? This is where smart and connected CX comes in, delivering more efficient ways to achieve desired outcomes faster while driving business productivity with end-to-end-network visibility.

Simplicity and predictive insights

Cisco CX Cloud was developed to offer a unified view of your assets with access to insights and analytics on your entire Cisco portfolio. It simplifies solution adoption, resolves issues faster, and optimizes your IT environment – empowering innovation at every turn.

Infused with deep insights and powered by AI and machine learning, CX Cloud automates and simplifies lifecycle visibility and expert recommendations, giving customers the power to make the right technology choices for their solution deployment. You gain the ability to manage assets, quickly identify risks, and, in an ever-changing landscape, deliver the contextual learning needed to empower your workforce.

A guided path to success

Cisco Success Tracks is an integral component of CX Cloud, offering key value-drivers that help you achieve your business outcomes by:

  • Accelerating your path to value with a simplified, use-case-guided lifecycle journey to maximize your Cisco technology investments
  • Transforming the way you work with always-on access to digital intelligence, human-to-human interaction to help keep you on the right track to achieve your outcomes faster, on time and under budget.

CX Cloud Capabilities

CX Cloud Capabilities

Business value realized

A Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study by Forrester Consulting2 quantifying potential return on investment (ROI) from Success Tracks and CX Cloud found organizations received up to a projected 157% ROI. In addition to faster time to adoption and lower security risks, customers also benefited from reduced time spent on:

  • upgrade management based on automated recommendations and expert advisories
  • product adoption as a result of e-learning and digital + expert engagement
  • service coverage management with full contract and license visibility

Decision-makers who participated in the TEI study reported that Success Tracks via CX Cloud delivered targeted software upgrade recommendations that significantly reduced in-house engineering time dedicated to upgrade management. CX Cloud-delivered software updates, product alerts, and service alerts as well as the latest security vulnerabilities along with clear identification of the impact footprint.

Customer Perspectives

Across multiple industries, CX Cloud customers are gaining a deeper, contextual view of their network in a single pane of glass and increasing their operational efficiency. Here’s a small sampling of customers who have received guidance, insight, and expert recommendations to accelerate Cisco DNA rollouts and realized value faster.

  • “CX Cloud gives me much-needed visibility and insight into our network of 400 devices and over 3000 endpoints. It’s our hidden gem to get into the data. CX Cloud gives me direct access into the Cisco forums community, where I can ask a question or see if someone else is having the same problem I have, and we all collaborate together to solve the issue.” -Don Cheney, Senior Network Administrator at Washington Trust Bank
  • “CX Cloud lets us gain a higher level of context, leveraging ML and AI to provide a more strategic view of our network, security postures, and risk.” -Shai Silberman, Director of Network Services at San Jose State University
  • “Success Tracks via CX Cloud serves as a one-stop shop where you can, in just a few clicks, see your devices at a high level. I can see which devices may be having issues, which need to be mitigated right away versus which I can hold off on. You have insight into your whole portfolio instantaneously.” Manager, Global Infrastructure Engineer, Manufacturing

Now it’s your turn!

See why Cisco customers are raving about CX Cloud.  Attend a LIVE CX Cloud Demo and Q&A Session on October 28th at 9 am Pacific Time; you can register now.  You will get a quick overview of the value that CX Cloud will deliver to your entire team—digitally connecting them to Cisco experts, deep analytics, and customized resources. And, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered real time by Cisco CX Cloud experts during the session!  You can also check out a short on-demand demo now if you want a sneak peek.



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Ronnie Ray

Vice President, Product Management

Customer Experience (CX)