As technology grows more complex and more critical to your business, it’s even more important that you have the right support to turn to — whether you have a hardware fault to troubleshoot, or need advice with a complex configuration or software update.

If you’re a Cisco customer, chances are you’ve heard of TAC, our Technical Assistance Centers. Thousands of seasoned TAC engineers have been on the front line of supporting Cisco products since day one, and over the years they’ve earned a phenomenal reputation (and built up a jaw-dropping list of awards to go with it).

But even if you’ve worked with TAC before, its inner workings are probably a mystery to you. Who are these people at the end of the phone or live chat? And what’s the secret ingredient that keeps TAC delivering results, every day?

We went behind the scenes at the Cisco Customer Experience Center in Krakow Poland, where one of our EMEAR TACs is based, to talk to real TAC engineers about what makes TAC different. They work hand-in-hand with TAC colleagues around the world, from Brussels to Bangalore and beyond.

As you can see, the energy, drive and expertise is evident the moment you step into the campus: this multicultural, multidisciplinary team is firing on all cylinders. Every engineer we interviewed cares about the impact they have on customers like you, and prides themselves on the depth of their expertise.

But there’s also a real culture of innovation and of knowledge-sharing: the TAC engineers are passionate about using data and automation to find smarter ways to help customers, with the ultimate goal of pre-empting technical issues before they affect performance. Thanks to these grass-roots efforts, we’re always innovating in support for multivendor solutions and open-source products, our use of AI to accelerate troubleshooting, and smart self-service tools.

We’ve always believed that the quality of our technical support is a compelling reason to choose Cisco technology. If you’re turning to Cisco to be your bridge to possible, you can count on TAC to be by your side every step of the way.

Explore our technical services here, or why not stop in to meet some of our TAC engineers face to face at Cisco Live Barcelona?


Ant Newman

Services Content Marketing Lead

Services Marketing EMEAR