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February 19, 2024


Cisco Secure Access Accelerates SSE Innovation with AI, User Experience Monitoring, and Identity Intelligence

5 min read

We're improving Cisco Secure Access by adding functionality that improves end user experience, simplifies security management for IT and tightens security.

February 16, 2024


Agniane Stealer: Information stealer targeting cryptocurrency users

7 min read

Agniane Stealer is a malware that targets credentials and documents, actively sold on Telegram, with ConfuserEX obfuscations, presents novel C2 protocol.

February 15, 2024


Enhanced Cybersecurity with Cisco Secure Endpoint and Vulnerability Management

3 min read

Discover the power of integrating Cisco Secure Endpoint and Vulnerability Management to bolster your cybersecurity strategy.

February 14, 2024


Secure Network Analytics 7.5.0 Launch

3 min read

Secure Network Analytics (SNA) reached General Availability for our 7.5 release on January 29, 2024. The 7.5 release offers some great new capabilities, but also provides a number of updates under the hood.

February 12, 2024


Introducing Cisco Breach Protection Premier

3 min read

Breach Protection Premier defends your organization from the most sophisticated threats while helping you operate with confidence.

February 8, 2024


Converging On-Premises & Cloud Network Security Into a Unified Hybrid Strategy

3 min read

Hybrid cloud connectivity and network object sharing from Cisco provides teams with a more simplified, unified security experience across their hybrid cloud.

February 7, 2024


Meet the Cybersecurity Defender of 2024 for EMEA

3 min read

The winner of the 2024 Cisco Cybersecurity Defender for EMEA Region

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