Pal Lakatos-Toth

Engineering Product Manager

Security Business Group

Pal is a seasoned security professional with 13 years of experience with a strong customer facing skills and deep technical knowledge. Pal has joined to Cisco in 2016 and worked in variety of roles through CX and Engineering. Pal is a Product Manager in the Cloud and Network Security Organization under Cisco's Security Business Group. Before joining to Cisco, Pal worked with major service providers focusing on Mobile Network Security.


May 30, 2024


Cisco Secure Firewall integrates with Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN) to simplify firewall insertion in Azure environments

2 min read

Cisco's Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual (formerly FTDv) now integrates with Azure Virtual WAN to effortlessly insert next-generation virtual firewalls into the Azure vWAN hub. Version 7.4.1 simplifies how customers secure their enterprise network as they expand their cloud footprint to Microsoft Azure.Azure Virtual WAN.

July 7, 2023


Seamless Firewall Service Insertion in the Network with Cisco Catalyst Switches

6 min read

Explore the advantages of hosting containerized Cisco Secure Firewall capabilities on Cisco Catalyst 9300 switches to achieve seamless firewall service insertion in your network. Learn how this solution enhances security, simplifies deployment, and reduces costs.

December 2, 2021


Snort 3 Anywhere

4 min read

Cisco has launched Snort 3 Anywhere - Making it officially available in a container form factor to be consumed in customer’s Kubernetes cluster either running on AWS or On-prem.