Retailers worldwide are in a race to transform their business to meet consumer expectations. It is a competition with digitally native brands and channels, where manufacturers can meet the customer directly. We all know that the end goal is to connect the entire retail experience and not rely on one single channel to meet the needs of existing and new customers. However, the challenge is HOW do we make this happen and ensure scalability and security for both the brand and customer. And what does a truly connected retail experience look like? Is it just extending digital services in the brick-and-mortar environment, or is it automating the supply chain process, or is it something else? (The answer is all of the above and so much more.)

That is why we have launched our Cisco Retail video series. To help you, retailers, build a connected retail experience that is right for your shopper – from identifying the right technology, to exploring different strategies, to understanding the IT intricacies and complexities of these solutions.

To get the conversation rolling, we started with a series around retail & IT infrastructure, helping both the IT teams and retail business teams come together to meet business objectives:

SD-WAN for physical retail






Episode 1: Don’t think of IT as a bottleneck – for scalability and technology efficiency, IT architecture needs to be modernized to meet business outcomes. Learn how SD-WAN could be your solution. 🏆

Retail IT spend in 2019






Episode 2: If you’ve been curious about how other retailers plan to spend their IT budgets in 2019, watch this fun “game show” interview. 🛎

Retail edge computing and multi-cloud video






Episode 3: What does cloud have to do with retail? Everything. Hear how improving the retail experience from the customer to the store associate to the HQ employee can be driven through cloud and edge computing. ☁️

DevNet for Retail video






Episdoe 4: If retailers began to think of their physical brick-and-mortar as a ‘programmable store’ just how they program its ecommerce business, retailers can easily connect the shopping experience online and offline for their mobile-centric customers. 📱🤳🏼

Global retail panelist video






Episode 5: As much as ecommerce is on the rise, consumers worldwide look to their favorite retail brands’ physical locations for an exceptional shopping experience. Hear what our global panel has to say about meeting customer expectations at the brick-and-mortar store. 🛍🛒


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Jessica Mok

Global Retail Marketing Manager

Vertical Industries