By now, you’ve heard about the new network capabilities we launched yesterday. With the reinvention of the network – from the ground up – we’re empowering companies to securely and confidently move at digital speed to create real competitive advantage.

The impact of IoT, cloud and mobility on businesses demanded a shift from a traditional network to a new network. Our next-generation networking solutions, built for the Cisco Digital Networking Architecture (DNA), embody intent-based hardware that support high-speed analytics, new software capabilities that deliver greater intelligence and an architectural approach that delivers end-to-end visibility, automation and insights.

To get great results from your technology, you have to have a great strategy and plan for implementing and managing it. We know you’ve got questions.

  • How do I assess my environment to easily adopt these new technologies?
  • How do I integrate this new network without disrupting my business?
  • How do I manage and support this new network while still focus on the needs of the business?

Good news. We have the answers.

It’s all in the Journey

You know the saying? It’s not the destination. It’s the journey…

Like any adventure, you plan for it, and when the time comes to execute it, you enjoy the ride. The same is true for your DNA journey. Our DNA services will help you plan and move to the new network with ease and confidence so you can enjoy the benefits.

We have developed a portfolio of services to help you unleash the power of our new Software-Defined Access capabilities into your network. It also includes services for the new Catalyst 9000 series switches – built for security, mobility, IoT and cloud, as well as the Network as a Sensor capabilities which enable threat detection in encrypted and unencrypted traffic. We also have services for our new centralized management portal, DNA Center—and combined, all these services are powerful tools to help you on your journey to a secured and automated network.


Your Journey Starts Here

The number one question I get is, “Where do I start?”  The first step is to assess your current environment. We have DNA Advisory and design services that will look at your current environment and identify future needs so we can build you an architectural roadmap and detailed design. And because security is top of mind for everyone, we have a Security Segmentation service that will help you prepare and deploy the most advanced network security measures. The bottom line is, we’ll help you create the right plan so you can be confident your investment will meet your needs, not only for today, but into the future.

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

The number two question I get is “How do I migrate from my current environment to my future state while maintaining the availability of my network?” Our SD-Access Solutions Validation, Migration and Operations Planning services will create the best migration path for your environment, test everything in a lab prior to putting into production and help you prepare your organization for the operational changes needed when everything goes live.

Because you will want to begin designing, provisioning, automating policy and assuring services from our single interface, we have a DNA Center Advise and Implement service that will ensure rapid deployment.  Once your network is up and running, our Network Optimization service will keep your newly deployed SD-Access solution running efficiently as the etwork grows and changes.

Need a Guide?

With any new technology you adopt, you have to ask yourself the question “Do I have the skills in-house to deploy and manage this solution?” It’s no different for the new network. We have a series of learning courses that will meet your need, whether it’s a high-level overview or in-depth curriculum. Our SD-Access Training, DNA Implementation Essentials and Network Programmability Specialists Certifications are available online or in-person so you can keep your business running.

Ride the Wave with Confidence

If you run into an issue, we have a new Solution Support offer that will provide you with a single point of contact for hardware, software. No more finger pointing.  Our team of solution experts will own the case from first call to resolution, no matter where the issue resides to keep your network running at peak performance.

If you’d rather keep your eye on the business or don’t have the staff to manage the SD-Access infrastructure in-house, we can do it for you with our Managed Enterprise for SD-Access. We help preempt network issues to keep your network up and running securely, while reducing costly inefficiencies so you can focus on strategic IT initiatives that help drive your business priorities.

Enjoy the Ride

Regardless of where you start your journey, by teaming with Cisco Services, we can help you reduce the risks of migrating by creating a plan, giving your team the skills they need, as well as supporting and managing your network to maximize the uptime. It’s time to start your journey to the new network today.



Vijeev Verma


Services Marketing