Whether you are among the 8,000 attendees participating at Cisco Live Milan in-person or among our many virtual attendees catching the live web broadcast, you’ll find lots to help you with your mobility-related projects.

Mobile in Milan

For those of you in Milan, the first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve gone totally mobile. Just download the Cisco Event App from here, or from the App Store or Google Play, and you’ll have a mobile personal assistant throughout the week. Need to organize your sessions? No problem.  Want to network with your peers?  It’s a breeze. Looking to get your hands on those giveaways? The app will get it done.

If like most of your peers you have important mobile projects underway you will want to find out which sessions are going to help you move your projects along. To help you there are well over 40 introductory, intermediate and advanced mobility sessions this year. There’s something for everyone. You can check them out and register for them here. Some sessions that caught my eye include an introductory hands-on session for Meraki Cloud-Managed Networking, an intermediate session on Cisco Enterprise Mobility and advanced session on Improving WLAN Spectrum Quality. I’m also looking forward to the Cisco IT session “Beyond BYOD” to get the low-down on lessons learned from a live enterprise mobility deployment.


No Cisco Live visit is complete without visiting the World of Solutions. So be sure to come over to the Enterprise Networking demo area to see the latest mobility technologies in action. But maybe before getting into the demos, come and try your skill at the Mobility Master Game. The mobility demos cover the following topics:

  • Wired and Wireless Convergence: Simplify secure access and enhanced user experience with Cisco Unified Access.
  • 802.11ac Wave2 Infrastructure: Support high-bandwidth 802.11ac wave 2 wireless over existing category 5e cabling infrastructure with Cisco multigigabit switching.
  • High Performance Wireless: Optimize WLAN performance with 802.11ac and other Wi-Fi innovations designed for high-density environments.
  • Personalized Mobile Experiences: Detect, connect, and engage mobile end-users to understand behavior and deliver personalized experiences with Cisco CMX.
  • Dynamic Mobility Applications: Deliver dynamic mobile experiences to customers using Cisco CMX API/SDK or Cisco EMSP.
  • Simplify Wireless LAN Setup: Learn how to use WLAN express setup and take advantage of easy configurations and Cisco best practices.
  • Workforce Mobility: Deliver a true mobile workspace, beyond BYOD, enabling employees to work anywhere on any device with the Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix.
  • Leverage Wi-Fi Location: Check out the latest Cisco innovations for faster, more accurate location services.

You can also check out the Collaboration booth “Mobile Experience” demos (WebEx, Jabber, and Project Squared), the Security booth Guest and BYOD demo, as well as the Cisco-Citrix mobility solution demo at the Citrix booth (P4).

Once you survive the demos and if like most of your peers you are competitive, hooked on the latest gadgets, and dream of tropical vacations then … the Meraki Challenge is just for you! Take it at the Cisco Meraki booth or just check it out here.

When you’re at the Enterprise Networking booth come over and say hello. I’ll be there throughout the exhibit hours. Let me know your thoughts about your mobility experiences in Milan.

For more information on Cisco Enterprise Mobility just go to http://www.cisco.com/go/enterprisemobility

Tweet your photos @Cisco_Mobility #CLEUR!


Jonathan Gilad

Global Marketing Manager

Thought Leadership Marketing