Cisco Live Milan 2014 kicked off this morning with an opening keynote by Rob Lloyd. During the session Rob shared Cisco’s  vision of the Internet of Everything, and explored the industry trends and technologies that are making that vision a reality. One of these areas is enabled by Cisco’s CMX solutions and our growing ecosystem of partners.

To illustrate how this vision is becoming a reality, a CMX demo was shown on stage. The demo related to a wine producer ( we are in Italy by the way..) who was able to engage with their customers via their mobile app. Enabling the customer find the particular wines they are interested in, interact with the wine maker, get location specific promotions and really deliver a highly personalized and location specific service.


CMX at Cisco Live Day 1:

The whole venue has been designed and setup for WiFi location based services and CMX is running across the complete conference.

Some very interesting and valuable information can already be seen from the first mornings analytics.

First of all lets look at the Keynote venue and what we can see.

This heat map shows all the people streaming into the Keynote venue during the 30 minute period before the start time.


While here we can see that 2061 unique devices were seen in the Keynote venue during Rob’s address – indicating that the vast majority of people were using WiFi in the room.


Cisco Live World of Solutions:

The world of solutions also provides very interesting insights when looking at the analytics.


In the morning after the Keynote this heat map shown how people entered the floor from the top right corner and spread across the solution floor.


The solution floor was divided up into many zones, including the zones at the back for each of the various components of the Cisco booths: Collaboration, Service Provider, Enterprise Networking etc.

Within each of these zones we can then look at what is actually happening during the day.


This graph shows that for the Enterprise Networking Booth (where CMX is being demoed) the distribution of devices that were seen there over the morning period – it shows that between 20 and 40 devices were detected within the booth.


A quick snapshot of the overall floor shows two areas where there are more devices detected (in green below) – these are the Cisco repletion desks which is the first port of call for many customers as they try to find exactly what they are looking for and get directions.


CMX is already proving very insightful at Cisco Live Milan 2014 and later in the week we will look at more insights from the Analytics available and how the conference venue is being used and what areas get the most traffic etc.

Interested in a location-based solution for your organization? Look no further than Cisco CMX. With features including CMX Analytics, CMX Connect, CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi and CMX Engage, there are endless possibilities for ways you can leverage the Wi-Fi network as a platform for connecting to mobile users in your venue.

For more information on CMX visit: www.cisco.com/go/cmx.





Brendan O'Brien

Director Global Product Marketing

Connected Mobile Experiences