Contact Center Power Chord

On Thursday, April 24th, 1964, the four young Beatles walked into North London’s Abbey Road studio for a recording session. When they left that evening, the music industry was forever changed. Why? The Chord. The most famous chord in rock ‘n roll history.

The Beatles were seeking a dramatic opening for the song “Hard Day’s Night” in support of their upcoming movie of the same title. They achieved this result beyond all expectations. The combination of George Harrison’s 12-string electric, John Lennon’s 6-string electric, Paul McCartney’s bass, and a series of notes struck on a piano by the “5th Beatle” George Martin, produced an opening sound for the song never experienced before in music.

Two important results flowed from the impact of The Chord.

  • First, it motivated thousands of young people around the world to pick up a guitar and give it a try.
  • Second, it spawned a 50-year debate on what input notes and instruments used to by the Beatles to make such a sound. Some say it took extensive Fourier analysis to solve the debate in 2014.

We’ve been building our own power chord for customer contact products. At its core, a chord is three notes that played together produce a harmonious sound. Our three powerful notes include the right solutions, the right partners, and the right story. Our story is how the Connected Digital Experience benefits the digital journeys of customers worldwide.

From a solution perspective, we’ve just launched Release 11.6 of our customer care software. The new release features a powerful set of capabilities, focusing on improvements in digital channel interactions, new deep data insights, agent desktop enhancements, and security updates. The result? You can take advantage of advanced routing for personalized customer contact center, context to improve customer journeys, and new open web interfaces to integrate partner applications – including the ability to seamlessly integrate AI and bots.

Cisco’s industry-leading Technology Partner ecosystem has been expanded by 50% in 2017, delivering new pre-built integrations that speed time-to-value. This helps us deliver a clear and relevant goal for our customers – The Connected Digital Experience.

The industry recognizes we’re making some noise of our own!

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Zack Taylor


Cisco Global Collaboration