Companies all over the world are being challenged with the unanticipated increase in customer inquiries related to the current situation.  Interaction volume has doubled and even tripled for many of our contact center customers across all industries ranging from government agencies, healthcare, nonprofits, and other businesses who are being impacted by the global crisis, such as travel, financial services, and retail.

Not only has interaction volume increased, but companies are also experiencing a massive disruption in how they operate their business, from enabling a remote workforce, to implementing additional forms of self-service automation and new ways of responding to customers using artificial intelligence technologies.

Cisco has partnered with Google Cloud to offer a solution that makes it easy to deploy virtual assistants quickly, to help deflect inbound interactions to the contact center, provide faster service, and handle customer support around the clock with simple, conversational self-service options via chat or voice.

This Contact Center AI Rapid Response Virtual Agent program ended on July 31, 2020. To learn more about Cisco Webex Contact Center AI solutions, visit our website

Contact Center AI Rapid Response Virtual Agent

The Rapid Response Virtual Agent Program includes Cisco’s virtual assistant capabilities for voice and chat, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) using Google Cloud Contact Center AI technology.

Virtual assistants have many benefits for both customers and contact center agents. An intelligent virtual assistant can understand what concerns a caller has, respond accordingly, or route them to a human agent when necessary. It can also be used to pre-qualify calls before they get to your human agents.

Better contact qualification enables organizations to respond to incoming inquiries in a timely manner, gives your customers 24/7 access to your business, and reduces wait times for simple requests while relieving some of the load from your human agents. As a result, agents can spend the right amount of time with customers on more complex inquiries to help them get to first contact resolution.

Highlights of the Solution

  • Google Cloud and Cisco have worked together to ensure that the Contact Center AI is fully integrated so customers can quickly launch Virtual Assistants (typically within 2 weeks).
  • Available for qualified Cisco Contact Center customers globally through July 31, 2020.
  • Documentation and how-to guides to aid customers and partners
  • Customers can get started quickly with customizable templates – using either a COVID-19 virtual agent or general FAQ template. The Verily COVID-19 template features curated information on COVID-19, including frequently asked questions and up-to-date guidance from public health authorities.

To learn more visit our website.

Quick to Deploy Contact Center

Cisco is also offering a quick-to-deploy solution to organizations with an urgent need for a contact center. In as little as five days a secure, scalable, native cloud solution for businesses with up to 1,000 concurrent agents can be deployed on the Webex Contact Center.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s reality reinforces the importance of business continuity planning, as well as the need for adaptive contact center solutions that can tap into AI’s power to streamline contact qualification, call handling and improve both agent and customer experience.

Our thoughts are with all our customers and those who are impacted.

To learn more about Cisco Contact Center, visit our website.

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