Around the world, many companies are asking employees to work from home, even those serving in the mission critical business functions such as contact centers.

Cisco customers have long taken advantage of our virtual contact center and remote agent solutions. Many are reaching out for advice on how to expand these capabilities for agents and supervisors to work from home. They are looking for ways to quickly respond to customer concerns and questions, while also proactively preparing for any potential impact to the business.

Some companies need to add an additional contact center system to offload call volumes from an existing system.  Other companies need a contact center solution that doesn’t require a VPN for agents to work from home. In addition, companies who don’t yet have a contact center are looking to provide their customers with an “emergency hotline” to handle urgent questions. These needs are growing exponentially.

Cisco’s Work from Home Contact Center Agent Plan

Top 5 Headset Features for Quality Audio at Home.pngCisco is announcing a quick-to-deploy solution to get organizations up and running quickly.  In as little as five days a secure, scalable, native cloud solution for businesses with up to 1,000 concurrent agents can be deployed on the Webex Contact Center.

The solution includes agents and supervisor software, PSTN for inbound calls, and a robust set of omni-channel, routing and reporting capabilities – everything needed to successfully run a virtual contact center.

Because it’s a cloud solution, it supports contact center agents that need to work from home, regardless of endpoints or physical location.  Setting up agents to work from home is simple.  An agent simply needs a home or smartphone that can be dialed directly – preferably with a headset, and a computer with a browser and internet connection.  No VPN connection is required. This ensures they can stay fully productive and connected to customers and the rest of the business.

Watch my short video for a quick overview of our solution.

Quick Set-Up for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Express Customers

More than 40% of our customers have an existing work-from-home program for their contact center resources today. Here is how Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Unified Contact Center Express customers can quickly expand or activate additional work-from-home call center staff to remain productive. For complete set-up instructions, please read our Work from Home Solution Deployment Guide.

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