I pay for Netflix every month, along with almost 100 million other binge-watchers. I also pay monthly for Spotify, Amazon Prime, Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive. My life-as-a-service is incredibly convenient, and that’s just for cloud-based services. I have friends that pay monthly for their iPhones, including the hardware. And a couple of them have traded the hassle of car ownership for a monthly ZipCar fee that includes miles, gas, insurance, and parking.

In business, SMBs are way ahead of the curve paying for monthly cloud services. One of the vendors I work with uses more than a dozen as-a-service tools, from cyber security to video production to accounting software. The benefits of this new way of working are clear: You can start using these tools immediately without tying up cash. Speed is a competitive advantage.

We had speed in mind when we were designing the Cisco Spark Board, but we were thinking about productivity, not purchasing. We designed it to help teams get more done, faster. I like the way the team at Signa Group in Austria talks about Cisco Spark and the Cisco Spark Board:

“We’re getting much more competitive because we’re faster than the email writers. That’s it!”

-Ulrike Morak-Kohl
Employee Training and Coaching, Signa Group

Now we’re going all-in on making the Cisco Spark Board easy to get. We’re adding the Cisco Spark Board Access Plan, which has a single monthly payment and no up-front hardware costs. Like the ZipCar plan with included gas, insurance, and parking, the Access Plan takes care of everything for you.

With the Access Plan you receive:

  • The Cisco Spark Board hardware
  • Software subscription with automatic updates through the cloud
  • Maintenance and Cisco TAC support
  • Hardware RMA for next-day replacement service.

The plan MSRP is just US$380 per month for the 55-inch version, and US$575 per month for the 70-inch.

Contact your partner or Cisco account manager about the Cisco Spark Board Access Plan. For the new season of House of Cards, you know where to go.

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Tormod Ree

Senior Director and General Manager