Tom Goerke

Director, Innovation Centers Australia

As director of Cisco’s Australia’s Innovation Center, Tom Goerke manages all activities at Cisco’s Centers in Perth and Sydney aimed at accelerating opportunities, deepening relationships, and fostering innovation in the areas of digital transformation and IoT, and rapid prototyping. The centers work with Australian entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to accelerate digital transformation and help organizations improve business outcomes by integrating, creating, testing and validating technology solutions.

Prior to assuming his current position in January 2016, Mr. Goerke was business development manager at Cisco for ten years. Previously, he held the same position with THISS Technologies, a satellite communications service provider. Earlier in his career, he held senior management positions with ICO Global Communications, Inmarsat, UniSA and Microbyte.

Mr. Goerke holds multiple patents in the fields of Radio and Web and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications from Western Australia’s Curtin University.


November 8, 2017


Cisco Sponsors Winning Team in Maker Games

1 min read

Innovation is happening everywhere, and last month it was in full flourish at the Maker Games of the University of New South Wales. Meet the winners.

March 2, 2017


Students Collaborate Using Cisco Spark During Hackathon

2 min read

Our Innovation Centre in Australia, Perth, recently had the opportunity to host a hackathon, exploring safety and productivity solutions for heavy vehicles.