Next week kicks off Cisco Live! Melbourne, and four of our inter-connected Co-Innovation Centers in the greater Asia Pacific region—in Sydney, Perth, Tokyo, and Singapore–will showcase some of the world’s latest digital solutions co-developed with customers and partners.

Please join us along with our innovation and alliance partners throughout the week, March 5-8. We’ll be in the Innovation Pavilion booth, which is just to the right of the World of Solutions entrance. Here, you can experience cutting-edge, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for energy, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, urban services, mobility, cybersecurity,  video analytics, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and much more.

Further, you’ll glimpse into the future of autonomous shipping at the Port of Rotterdam. We’ll feature early prototypes to build working solutions based on two upcoming IoT security standards, BRSKI (Bootstrapping Remote Secure Key Infrastructures) and MUD (Manufacturer Usage Description), by leveraging Cisco’s Intent based Networking and Cisco Identity Service Engine.

The booth will be a hotbed of activity all week long. We will live stream activities from Tokyo and our Tokyo Co-Innovation Center, and adorn the booth with a cherry blossom tree, to showcase events surrounding Cisco Digital Japan Days 2019. Who knows, if you drop by you might also get to rub elbows with Cisco executives attending the conference such as Irving Tan, SVP-Operations, Miyuki Suzuki, President of APJC and Cisco Live 2019 Executive Sponsor, and, Scott Harrell, SVP & GM, Enterprise Networking, and the event’s Technology Keynote Speaker.

We can also tell you more about Cisco ANZ’s recently announced three-year Country Impact Plan, in which our Co-Innovation Centers play a pivotal role in providing a vibrant environment for our customers, partners and entrepreneurs to co-innovate with us.

Our Co-Innovation Centers offer a unique environment where customers can explore how to solve their most epic challenges with Cisco, and key research partners such as Curtin University, University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Commonwealth’s Scientific Research and the Industrial Research Organization’s Data61), as well as industry partners Woodside Energy, New South Wales (NSW) Department of Primary Industries and NSW Farmers Association.  The breadth of knowledge from our research partners aligned with the deep industry knowledge infuses the centers with an unmatched ability to discover and co-develop innovative ways to transform business and society.

Within the Energy & Resource industry, we are seeing the critical need to ensure that any device or IoT sensor added to the network can be automatically validated and allocated appropriate network resources.  The centers have advanced early prototypes from Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Office, by building such workable solutions based on two upcoming IoT security standards, Bootstrapping Remote Secure Key Infrastructures (BRSKI) and Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD), by leveraging Cisco’s Intent based Networking and Cisco Identity Service Engine.  Customers will be able to witness how these standards-based technologies will revolutionize how we deploy sensors and support the massive adoption of IoT.

Our work with UNSW, Curtin University and transportation organizations in NSW and WA demonstrate that Mobility as a Service  (or MaaS) is real and will provide compelling improvements in transportation systems.  We will provide an overview of the MaaS work we have completed and new phases of this work at the Innovation pavilion at Cisco Live Melbourne.

We are also fortunate to have four of our innovative partners with us at Cisco Live including, Audinate, Aqura, RealWear, Ikara and QuantumIT.  Our partners will demonstrate the latest innovative technology in audio monitoring, IoT, multivendor SLA and Lidar-based measurement for people flow monitoring.

With an anticipated 7,500 customers and partners, and some 300 technical sessions to attend, there will be an abundance of digital opportunities at Cisco Live! Melbourne.  I might be biased, but I think some of the most compelling and transformative digital solutions of the future will be at the Innovation Pavilion.  Stop by, find out for yourself, and let’s build a new bridge to the possible. Together.




Tom Goerke

Director, Innovation Centers Australia