Toby Roetto

Senior Managing Director of Americas Sales

Cisco Capital

Toby Roetto is currently the Sr. Managing Director of Americas Sales for Cisco Capital. He is responsible for $5B in sales activity across all industries and verticals, to help customers achieve their business and financial outcomes while leveraging Cisco technologies and solutions. Having held senior leadership roles for some of the top companies in the world (Microsoft and Dell), not only has he developed a passion for the technology space but has developed a keen ability to simplify, clarify, and get results in dynamic business environments. He has a passion for creating and leading high performing teams, always keeps the customer at the forefront, and ensures strategic beacons are created to inform future strategy. Maintaining a focus on building a diverse and inclusive culture while creating an environment where people can do their best work are cornerstones of his leadership values. Family, golf, travel, and soccer are his passions outside of work. His youngest son has dreams of playing in the European league for soccer, so most vacations are spent in Europe at various soccer camps. He has traveled to over 35 countries. Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has lived/worked in the UK, Japan, and the United States. This global experience has enabled him to gain a much broader perspective in business and drive impactful business results in the global macro environment.


February 13, 2020


Making digital transformation work for small and midsize businesses

As small and mid-sized businesses seek growth and digital transformation, learn how Cisco Capital offers innovative, flexible payment solutions to attain the outcomes they need for success.