In today’s world, most businesses—regardless of size—face similar demands as they use applications and tools to drive deeper customer engagement through cloud-based IT environments.

The benefits of scalable and multi-cloud IT solutions are critical and now expected at both large organizations and smaller companies.

However, the unique needs and pressures of small and midsize businesses tend to differ from larger organizations. Smaller companies often have less flexibility, less staff, and more limited cash flows for managing cloud environments, especially while overseeing other third-party IT contracts.

As the pace of change accelerates in an increasingly cloud-based IT environment, small and midsize companies are looking for opportunities to reap the transformative benefits of cloud in a more cost-effective and manageable solutions.

Fortunately, the market for cloud services and solutions has shifted in recent years, creating new opportunities for growing businesses seeking digital transformation. Cisco recently announced its commitment to small businesses and is implementing the most current IT infrastructures as bundled solutions which is key to meet customers’ desired business outcomes.

It really comes down to making things simple without having to rely on third-party providers, to ensure that small and midsize customers can realize the business value and budget outcomes while managing cash flow.

The most successful small and midsize companies are figuring out how to strategically invest in cloud IT today so they can keep their focus squarely on growing their businesses. Working with a trusted partner that can provide the knowledge, technical expertise and relationships to help maximize your resources is a great way to get started.


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Toby Roetto

Vice President, Global Sales

Cisco Capital