Cisco has been and always will be focused on business sustainability and the future of technology. Unprecedented change brings both new challenges and opportunities. Our partners want access to products, solutions and knowledge, and Cisco is committed to providing the right tools that will enable them to perform and transform.

This October, we are delighted to open Cisco Partner Summit Digital to a wider audience than ever before. Partner Summit this year will be an interactive online experience including live keynotes from Cisco executives, business and technology talks, as well as product and solution launches that will help our partners prepare for tomorrow.

Today, Cisco is focused on offering holistic solutions to help our partners improve and streamline customer experiences as they reimagine their workforces and reinvent the new workplace reality. With Cisco Capital’s flexible payment structures, partners can meet their customers’ requirements for new buying models and access buying center budgets, ultimately reaching more customers.

The businesses of your customers are being redefined by the changes of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow. Helping customers optimize cash flow and liquidity has never been more important. Cisco Capital – with you – remains committed to supporting the business recovery of your customers through these challenging times.

By working with Cisco Capital, you can:

  • Quickly close more profitable deals, as our flexible financing moves conversations away from discounting and helps you shorten the sales cycle.
  • Increase deal size. Our financing tends to boost your deal size by an average of 30 percent.
  • Strengthen the customer relationship by offering an end-to-end solution, enhancing your status as a trusted advisor and solidifying your spot as the preferred partner.
  • Finance the total solution. Cisco offers hardware, software, services and licenses as well as third-party equipment via Cisco Refresh – all as a bundled solution with one payment.
  • Beat the competition by providing customer payment solutions with competitive interest rates. This gives you a competitive advantage and sets you apart from options that other partners may be considering.
  • Create future sales opportunities with our financing, which provides a built-in refresh opportunity at the end of your customer’s financing term.
  • Manage cash flow, by helping your partners and their customers conserve cash and preserve lines of credit for other strategic investments.
  • Pay over time with our monthly or quarterly payments that allow you and your customers to pay for IT investments without a large upfront cost.

You can financially qualify your customer today. Contact your dedicated Cisco Capital Partner Account Manager to learn more about how you can finance your Cisco-led solution.

We invite you to join us in becoming Future Ready, and we look forward to seeing you at Partner Summit Digital this year to learn more.


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Toby Roetto

Vice President, Global Sales

Cisco Capital