Shalyn Waits


Digital Partner Experience

Shalyn manages the global Cisco Lifecycle Advantage platform, helping partners to digitally scale their customer post-purchase lifecycle practices. Her mission is to put our partners first in everything that is developed to ensure partners can leverage the powerful data provided by LCA in meaningful ways that will help them grow their Cisco business and delight their customers. With experience in product management, communications, marketing, and customer success, Shalyn drives the execution of feature functionality that supports partners on their journey to help customers get the most from their Cisco investments. Shalyn resides in Southern California. In addition to her work, she enjoys traveling, DIY craft projects, and spending time with her family.


December 13, 2022


Top Tools for Customer Success

Cisco offers several tools for partners to enhance their customer success practices and, in turn, help customers get the most from the product or solution they purchase. These tools help monitor customer progression through the digital lifecycle, offer data on engagement and product consumption, and provide easy ways to renew.

November 14, 2022


How telemetry can improve customer experience

Access to telemetry data ensures delivery of quality customer experiences. Cisco Lifecycle Advantage’s Success Program Insights lets partners see telemetry data for purchases, to determine if customers are using the product features and how often.

October 11, 2022


Have you joined our exclusive partner community?

The Cisco Community is an engaging, full-featured, self-service, content-filled community. It has always been a place where customers and partners can go to learn about technology and support, webinars, events, and to access guided resources to better understand Cisco’s products and services.

August 30, 2022


Looking Back at FY22: Cisco Lifecycle Advantage Digital Partner Experience Team Accomplishments

Looking back at the past year, the Lifecycle Advantage digital partner experience team knocked several big projects out of the park, and we hope our partners saw value in the new features and functionalities added to Cisco Lifecycle Advantage and Success Program Insights.

August 4, 2022


Success Program Insights: Your digital guide to a better customer experience

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage is a leading customer experience management program for partners that uses insights and automation to drive retention and growth.

July 1, 2022


The Total Economic Impact of Cisco Lifecycle Advantage

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage makes an impact, not just on the partners and organizations who use it daily, but a total economic impact in the way of cost savings and business benefits.

June 13, 2022


Enhancing telemetry for a better customer experience

With Lifecycle Advantage Success Program Insights, partners get even more information to help lead customers through the lifecycle while scaling their own customer success practices.