A hospital monitors a patient’s vital signs, transmitting real-time data such as heart rate and blood pressure back to the nurse’s station. Meteorologists collect information from a developing hurricane to better understand its path and predict impact on local communities. Your local “big-box” retail store gathers sales data to track inventory and product ordering patterns. What do all these scenarios have in common? They all use telemetry.

What is telemetry?

In simple terms, telemetry is the automatic collection and transmission of data. Once data is collected, the insights gathered can be actionable and used to refine processes and improve experiences.

How do we use telemetry?

Cisco collects telemetry data in a transparent and ethical way to understand how our products and services are being used by our partners and customers. We then gain insights on how to further improve our programs, devices, and software. Without this information, it is difficult to know whether a customer is using their purchase efficiently and effectively, or whether bugs and issues are causing problems.

Telemetry and the customer experience

It’s important to have access to telemetry data to deliver a quality customer experience. The data helps partners see beyond the customer’s purchase to determine if they are using the product features, are properly engaging with the product, and are using the product often.

Through Cisco Lifecycle Advantage’s Success Program Insights, partners can see telemetry data for their customers. To gain visibility into the data, a partner must first request consent from the customer. They can do so directly within the Success Program Insights platform. If the partner is granted consent, they can then access an enhanced telemetry view which includes:

  • Basic telemetry data along with a deeper understanding of how customers are progressing in their deployment.
  • Direction on how to use the data to better support customers.
  • Required exit criteria for the customer to meet before progressing through the lifecycle and how the telemetry is aligned to the exit criteria.
  • Check boxes indicating when a customer completes each exit criterion.
  • Date of when telemetry data was last collected.

The partner can then use this data to inform how they support their customer, determine the customer’s health score, and the overall risk of non-renewal.

Telemetry data gives partners the tools they need to help customer progress through the lifecycle. The data gives partners confidence their customers are on the right track and provides early indicators if the customer isn’t.

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