Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest—I bet you have a profile or two on one or more of these social media platforms. You likely post photos and comments, keep up to date on the latest news, connect with family and friends from afar, and participate in groups of common interest.

Wouldn’t it be neat if Cisco had a social community where customers and partners could go to learn more about products, ask questions, connect with peers and experts, and maybe even post a photo or two? Well Cisco has exactly that, through the Cisco Community page. Even more exciting, the Cisco Community has recently been “reimagined,” simplifying the platform and improving the experience.

What is Cisco Community?

The Cisco Community is an engaging, full-featured, self-service, content-filled community. It has always been a place where customers and partners can go to learn about technology and support, webinars, events, and to access guided resources to better understand Cisco’s products and services.  You can access the community with your Cisco.com account (CCO ID and password), because we want it to be a safe space, free of “internet trolls.”

On the Cisco Community you can find:

  • Discussions where you can post questions and answers.
  • High-quality technical documents posted by community members.
  • Blogs, videos, and community forums where you can share your technical knowledge.
  • Events where you can participate.
  • Exclusive access to partners.
  • Exclusive access for members of the Customer Connection Program.

This summer, recent enhancements were made to the space and include:

  • How-to guided resources from onboarding to optimization to support use of Cisco products.
  • Expanded opportunities to engage with Cisco experts and peers.
  • Modernized user interface for a cleaner, simpler, more unified navigation consistent with Cisco.com. Including a redesigned home page personalized to you upon log in, improved navigation, and simplified page designs.

Soon to be added, Ask the Experts (ATX) sessions to provide more opportunity for engagement with Cisco experts, interactive customized guided resources to track progress through each use-case step, and discussion forums for community-based advice across the product lifecycle.

Join the Cisco Partner Community

The community has an exclusive area for partners called the Partner Hub. Partner Hub is filled with sub-communities dedicated to Partner Collaboration, Partner CX, Partner Resources, Partner Events, and of course, Partner Lifecycle Advantage. On the Lifecycle Advantage community page, you can access resources, tips, and updates to better understand Lifecycle Advantage and get the most from the award-winning digital engagement program. Partners can troubleshoot with peers and Cisco regional representatives, see the latest updates to the program, access newly released assets such as user guides, and view general announcements.

Just like the social media sites we use every day, our goal for Cisco Communities is to encourage discussion, provide learning and engagement opportunities, and build a community where our partners will go for resources and understanding.

I hope you join the Cisco Partner Community page. Once you join, I challenge you to post at least one question or response to your peers. The more you post, the better chance you have of becoming a “top expert” in the community. Good luck!

We’ll see you on the platform!

Join the Cisco Partner Community

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