Did you know it can take up to 40 positive customer experiences to undo one negative review? (Inc., Magazine). Loyalty is a main driver of revenue, and a company’s reputation and a customer’s personal experience are key to what keeps customers coming back for more.

Whether it’s shortening call times at your call center, personally following up with a customer after purchase, or providing support with product setup—To ensure your customer is successful, it’s important to not only understand their expectations but help them reach their goals.

Customer success is a business method that uses your product or service to help customers achieve their objectives (Gainsight). In simple terms, if your customer uses your product successfully, and has a positive experience with it, they are more likely to continue to use it and promote it to others. Over the past several years, customer success has become a priority for many companies, including Cisco.

Cisco offers several tools for partners to enhance their customer success practices and, in turn, help customers get the most from the product or solution they purchase. These tools help monitor customer progression through the digital lifecycle, offer data on engagement and product consumption, and provide easy ways to renew. Not to mention, they are all free to use.

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage

Lifecycle Advantage is the leading customer experience management program that leverages insights and automation to drive retention and growth. It centers on important milestones in the life of a customer and uses action-triggered email automation to provide partners with a simple, efficient customer engagement tool. The program digitally engages customers throughout the lifecycle, scaling and maximizing recurring revenue, automating processes, and uncovering new opportunities to connect with customers.
Watch this brief video to learn more about what Lifecycle Advantage can do.

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage Success Program Insights

Within Cisco Lifecycle Advantage is Success Program Insights (SPI), where partners get even more information to help lead customers through the lifecycle while scaling their own customer success practices. Success Program Insights gives partners ways to better manage accounts, act on recommendations to progress stalled customers, connect data to customers, and in turn, help customers get the most from their investment. Telemetry data is available to partners in SPI and drives key insights for partners. Cisco collects telemetry data in a transparent and ethical way to understand how our products and services are being used by our partners and customers.

Learn more about Lifecycle Advantage Success Program Insights.

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage Commerce Automation

Commerce Automation is part of the Renew Journey in Lifecycle Advantage and helps simplify the renewals process by enabling partners to include quotes, at their preferred pricing, within co-branded customer email notifications. Commerce Automation enables customers to view and edit quotes online, digitally notify partners of their intent to purchase, and helps partners effortlessly manage and accelerate the renewals process and maximize renewal opportunities.

Commerce Automation now offers a new customer checkout experience called eStorefront. Cisco passes customer data to a partner’s eStorefront via an API, including what customer is inbound, what items are in their cart, and pricing the customer is expecting. The customer can check out directly through the partner’s ecommerce platform using whatever methods the partner has selected—typically a credit card or purchase order.

Check out the Commerce Automation set up guide.

Additional resources

There are many other great resources available to help you successfully manage your customer success practices. Here are a few more places to find materials and support.

Whether it’s helping your customer progress through the lifecycle, understanding and managing data around engagement, or simply supporting your customer to successful adoption, Cisco has you covered on tools for customer success.


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