Monica Koedel

Director of Digital Experience

Connected Digital Interactions

Monica Koedel is the Director of Digital Experience in Connected Digital Interactions, where she plays a leadership role in data-driven digital transformation at Cisco.

She joined Cisco in 2007 and has spent nearly her entire career with the company. Monica is focused on delivering digital touch points that drive recurring revenue, cost savings and sales effectiveness for Cisco and its partners.


September 24, 2018


How to Turn Data Into Something Meaningful

In today’s digital world, businesses use data every day to increase cross-sell opportunities, re-target customers, grow loyalty, boost profits and create a seamless customer experience (CX).

August 31, 2018


What Customers Want: Three Ways to Measure the Voice of the Customer

To succeed in today’s competitive economy, addressing customers’ needs quickly, proactively and effectively isn’t just an option, it’s critical to business survival.