Customers want simplicity. No matter how complicated the technology they buy, they want a clear, consistent experience that guides them to their desired business results. And they want the experience on their terms: self-guided when they want, connecting with people when they need. While it sounds simple, it’s anything but for large companies trying to overcome legacy systems, processes, and ways of doing business.

At Cisco, we know our customers and partners are in the driver’s seat. That is why we’re building a simple, connected, consistent, and intelligent experience that helps customers and partners achieve their business goals. We recently took a large leap in this direction by completely reimagining Cisco Community.

We’ve turned Cisco Community into a new hub for customer success. Now, customers and partners benefit from immediate access to the information they want and can ask questions about content in real-time.

We have expanded Cisco Community’s original product focus to now include connecting customers with self-help content and resources that enable them to address their most pressing needs as they adopt and use Cisco products and software.

Go-To Destination

Serving more than 1.5M visitors monthly, Cisco Community has always been the go-to destination for customers and partners seeking how-to advice about Cisco products, software, and services. Now, it better connects users with the right information and self-help resources at key points in their journey, helping them expedite time to value with their technology investments.

Customer success content is now centralized and accessible from Cisco Community, and new tools have been added to make it easier for customers and partners to find accurate and immediate answers to their questions. Enhanced content and resources include:

Ask the Expert sessions focused on onboarding, adopting and using Cisco products and software. Customers can engage directly with Cisco experts to:

  • Tackle adoption hurdles and learn advanced tips to take full advantage of their solutions
  • Browse upcoming sessions, which feature in-depth product demos and live Q&As
  • Register for sessions and submit questions in advance
  • On-demand access to recordings and resources shared during sessions

Interactive Guided Resources that help customers achieve their business outcomes faster, including:

  • How-to content and adoption guidance specific to each use case
  • Customization features that allow users to track progress within Guided Resources and through each use-case step, letting customers use the resources as a checklist

These enhancements will make self-serve faster and more effective, speeding up value realization. We expect more customers to be able to solve problems using Cisco Community and reduce the need to open Technical Assistance Center (TAC) cases. They also represent the first step in personalizing the Cisco Community experience for customers and partners, recognizing that when we know who our Community users are and can pinpoint what challenges they are experiencing, we can better customize a solution to meet their individual needs.

Aligned Experiences, More Value

Additionally, we have aligned the visual and navigation experience of Cisco Community with the new style used on Cisco.com. Now, Cisco’s two most visited digital properties share the same modern interface, something our customers and partners have been asking for.

All of these changes will eliminate disjointed interactions for customers, both with Cisco and our partners, and make future experiences even smarter and more helpful as community member engagement scales.

Explore, Engage, Connect

I encourage customers and partners to explore everything that the reimagined Cisco Community has to offer at every stage in your journey. Whether an expert user of Cisco technology or just getting started, take the time to engage – because when it comes down to it, the Community is about bringing people together. Together, our efforts will drive stronger human connections that make the Community a place where everyone feels inspired to participate.


Monica Koedel

Sr. Director of Digital Experience