Mike Flannagan

No Longer with Cisco

As Vice President and General Manager for Cisco’s Data & Analytics Group, Mike Flannagan is responsible for the company’s data and analytics strategy, and leads multiple software business units.

Cisco’s Data Virtualization Business Unit provides software and services that enable organizations to efficiently access corporate data assets from a variety of enterprise data sources, Big Data sources, a multitude of cloud services, real-time streaming analytics applications, and the Internet of Things. This agile approach is quickly becoming part of the Enterprise Information Management architecture for leading companies, as they use their data assets more effectively to create competitive advantage.

Cisco’s Analytics Business Unit provides software and services that embed advanced analytics in Cisco’s services, and creates analytics solutions that join IT and network data with operational data to deliver insights that improve business outcomes. Beyond IT Analytics, this group leverages infrastructure and the data it creates to enrich business analytics in areas such as Retail, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing.

Cisco’s ServiceGrid Business Unit provides B2B business process integration in the cloud. These capabilities are also a key part of Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) strategy to connect traditional Information Technology (IT) systems and processes with Operational Technology (OT) systems and processes.

Cisco’s Energy Management Business Unit provides a suite of software and services that measure and manage the energy use of all the connected devices across distributed office and data center environments. The Cisco Energy Management Suite is designed to reduce energy costs across distributed offices by 35 percent and gain full visibility into the energy use of every device in data centers.

Mike joined Cisco in 2000. He previously held IT leadership positions in consulting and global media companies, and founded several start-ups. Mike is a Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer, patent holder and published author.

He attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, and earned a Masters in Business Administration from Auburn University, where he now serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board for the College of Business’s graduate programs.

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