Matt O'Brien

Senior Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization (GPO) - Digital Transformation and Industries

Matt joined Cisco in 2000 and works for Cisco’s Global Partner Organization where he now leads Solution GTM for the Digitization and Industries team. He and his team are responsible for developing Cisco’s sales scaling engine in support of our WW Digitization and Industries strategy.

In his career at Cisco, Matt spent 12 years in the field, including over 6 years in Sales Engineering Management. His teams consistently finished above stretch (110%), and at the top of their Sales Areas. Since, he has held multiple Global GTM Strategy Roles across different architectures and solution groups. His passion is driving disruptive strategies across our Partner Ecosystem, accelerating partner transformation, and helping Cisco Partners realize and deliver business outcomes for our customers.

Matt is a graduate of Boston College, where he earned his BS, and the University of Montana, where he earned his MS.

Married and currently residing in Bozeman, MT, Matt enjoys staying active with his three young boys skiing and fishing. He enjoys giving back by leading a local Cub Scout Pack of over 40 youths.


July 6, 2023


Let’s focus on security resilience for manufacturing and financial services

Cisco has made a conscious decision to help our partners accelerate and enhance how we show up together to our collective customers in a way that makes sense for them.

May 9, 2023


Leveraging Zero Trust Capabilities for Government

Sophisticated attackers and attack vectors are targeting our federal, public sector and critical infrastructure customers, but with the right framework and solutions, risk can be mitigated. Cisco looks at this through the four core tenants of our zero trust capabilities:

November 13, 2020


Skiing with Sales Play Toolsets and Business Resiliency Outcomes

Now as we take a breath post-Cisco Partner Summit Digital, we find ourselves entering a new season where we have been introduced to a number of new tools, and now need to understand how we use them together. Much like a ski coach assembles his racer’s toolsets to architect a successful ski season, we need to ensure repeatable outcomes for ourselves and our customers.

September 16, 2020


Sales Play Updates and Resources for Partners

I hope you’ve heard that Cisco is transforming our sales approach globally through cross-architecture sales plays. Today, I’m excited to share with you some new updates and enhancements to the sales plays that will continue to enable Cisco partners to differentiate and deliver customer business outcomes.

May 22, 2020


Trout Fishing with Cisco’s Cross-Architectural Sales Plays

The main objective of the Cross-Architectural Sales Plays is to arm you, our partner sellers, with a set of resources that help you lead customers on a journey rooted in validated outcomes.

February 4, 2020


Unleash new growth with sales plays

Cisco is transforming our sales approach globally and we want you to join us! As a company, we are shifting to focus on driving multi-domain, cross-architectural solutions that deliver complete outcomes for our customers. We are excited to announce our brand new sales plays that will enable you to join us in this transformation.

May 10, 2019


Making the jump from generic outcomes to customer use cases

We are missing the opportunity to bridge technical outcomes to actual use cases. Read the blog to learn more:

November 21, 2018


5G: Revolutionizing Agribusiness

So called ‘smart farming’ is in its relative infancy. This infancy is based on limited real time connectivity.  With the promise of 5G, that's all about to change.

July 16, 2018


Business Outcomes, The World Cup, and Partner Differentiation

It may be over, but there are takeaways from the tournament that could lead to profitability for Cisco partners. Learn more in Matt O'Brien's blog.

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