Mary de Wysocki

SVP & Chief Sustainability Officer

Chief Sustainability Office

Mary has over a decade of experience leading various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and education initiatives for Cisco. She is currently Cisco's Chief Sustainability Officer. Prior to her current role, Mary led the Corporate Affairs Strategy, including new program development, Public Benefit Investment and the Cisco Foundation, and Research and Insights.


Creating a better and more inclusive future through regenerative sustainability

4 min read

By working together, we believe we can find solutions to even our most complex problems. Learn more about our commitment to regenerative sustainability.

How Arizona eighth graders find solutions to the community’s toughest social problems

3 min read

Eighth grade social studies teacher Edgar Ochoa was excited to implement the Global Problem Solvers: The Series (GPS: The Series) supplemental curriculum, but he wasn’t entirely sure how his students were going to react.

December 19, 2019


Are You The Next Global Problem Solver?

1 min read

Cisco is committed to positively impacting 1 billion people by 2025. The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is the initiative that inspires and empowers a new generation of problem solvers in today's thriving digital economy, by working on technologies that will benefit the world.

Celebrating the power of entrepreneurs to solve global problems

3 min read

In our rapidly changing, hyper-connected world, we believe developing a generation of global problem solvers is critical to discovering the solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2020 Launches with Special India Impact Prize

1 min read

On October 15, 2019, Cisco launched its fourth annual Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge, a worldwide search for the next technology startup greatly impacting people, society or the planet.

Making a Big Impact in a Small Town Started in the Classroom

3 min read

“When I first gave them the assignment, I got a lot of ‘I can’t.’ So I asked them to identify ways they could make a dent in the problem, explaining if they can do it, then someone else can do it too,” Mr. Miller explained. “I think that’s the great thing about GPS. It gets kids thinking and excited about what they can do.”

How an Animated Series is Turning Phoenix-area Students and Teachers into Social Entrepreneurs

3 min read

Cisco’s Global Problem Solvers: The Series program aims to instill the tenets of social entrepreneurship and responsible use of technology into middle schools. The animated series follows a team of teenage superheroes who work together to solve social problems around the world.

Meet the 2018 GPS Challenge Second Runner-Up: Flux

2 min read

The Flux team won US$25,000 in the 2018 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge and is working to solve the water crisis in Kenya.

November 28, 2018


What These Global Problem Solvers Can Teach Us About Making an Impact

3 min read

Learn how you can snag up to $100,000 from Cisco by entering the 2019 Global Problem Solver Challenge.

Meet the 2018 GPS Challenge First Runner-Up: Jara

3 min read

Cisco is proud to support teams of innovators working to create lasting social impact, and we look forward to working with Jara to help spread the roots of their innovation.

Meet the 2018 GPS Challenge Grand Prize Winner: CareNX Innovations

1 min read

With their goal in mind and product ready for testing, Shantanu and Aditya entered CareNX into Cisco’s 2018 Global Problem Solver Challenge, with the hope of taking home the US$100,000 grand prize.