Historically, organizations operated using only structured data methodically gathered and maintained within their own data centers. Now they are deluged with data from everywhere —both structured and unstructured – and from any device or sensor and at any time. Now, with the move toward digital business transformation, amazing opportunities exist for businesses to act on information analyzed in real time at the edge of network, create richer user experiences and automate processes in unique new ways. It’s also an unprecedented economic opportunity for Cisco partners who can help them achieve these goals.


Real-Time Insights Equal Real-Time Rewards.  

To take advantage of these opportunities, companies are undertaking new IT initiatives that remove complexity, while making their technology environments more agile and secure.  In doing so, they are blurring the lines between their own organizations and those with which they do business.  New automated solutions are enabling workflows to operate quickly and seamlessly across company boundaries.  Using APIs, both simple and complex IT services can be automated by creating, provisioning and updating multiple service components, whether business, application or infrastructure. Real-time collaboration and response is becoming the norm.

Another example in the new value chain of the connected economy is analytics. Analytic solutions are forecast to drive $7.3 trillion of the estimated market growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) to $19 trillion within less than ten years.  Cisco Partners are positioned on the front lines of this technology revolution to help enterprises define the new digital battlefield, shape their response and assist them in changing, adapting and transforming their business models.

Cisco’s analysis shows that six industries — manufacturing, financial services, retail, service provider, healthcare, and oil and gas — will account for 71 percent of the total private sector Digital Value at Stake for the next decade (2015-2024). Yet, none of these six realized more than 29% of its potential Digital Value at Stake in 2015.

To learn more about how Cisco Analytics and Automation solutions can create new value for Cisco Partners and enterprises alike, please read my blog, The New “Connected” Economy: Add Cisco Analytics for Value Creation.

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