Jordi Botifoll

No Longer with Cisco

Jordi Botifoll oversaw Cisco's Latin American Theater, comprised of 45 countries and territories. Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO quoted in his press release announcement, "Jordi's track record in leading change, promoting innovation, creating high performance teams and building strong relationships with business and government leaders make him the ideal choice to lead the team in Latin America for Cisco."

For over 25 years, Botifoll, a visionary in business strategy, technology architectures and country digitization, has driven growth and innovation in the geographies he has served. Botifoll is globally recognized for his leadership expertise in digitizing governments, cities and industries. He has focused on revolutionizing government efficiencies, national competitiveness and social inclusion, including improved citizen services, smart cities, connected industries, education, healthcare, and public safety.

During his 20+ years at Cisco, Botifoll has led or contributed to multiple international projects across market segments with an emphasis in country transformation assignments. In Latin America, he has led or contributed to country transformation projects, with an emphasis on digital, in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, and the Caribbean.

Botifoll's multi-cultural leadership strategy of inclusion and diversity has been recognized externally by the Great Place to Work Institute, where Botifoll and his teams have achieved #1 & #2 IT company status across several countries in Europe and Latin America. And in 2017 he was named ‘Top Geography Great Leader in Latin America' by the Great Place to Work Institute.

His industry expertise, combined with his passion for country transformation has also earned him several Cisco accommodations and awards including VP of the Year and GM of the Year. Additionally, Botifoll has been the recipient of prestigious industry awards such as, The Hispanic IT Executive Council's "HITEC 50" – 50 most influential executives in the IT industry.

Botifoll's global industry impact, combined with his work with the Cisco Networking Academy, is inspiring the next generation of IT leaders with skills that will close today's digital gap and create the digital economy of tomorrow.Prior to joining Cisco, Botifoll served as General Manager for the business market segment at Retevision, the second-largest Spanish service provider, as well as held leadership positions at Lotus Development Software, IBM and NCR.

Botifoll earned an electronic engineering degree from the Escuela Superior de Telecomunicaciones and a Master's degree in business administration. In 2002, he received a Master's degree from the Stanford Executive Program (SEP) at Stanford University.

You can find articles from Jordi Botifoll on Cisco Blogs and on the Cisco Americas Network.


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