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Jad Peterson

Senior Business Development Manager - GPO
Digital Transformation & IoT - Manufacturing

Jad joined Cisco in 1998 and now works for Cisco’s Global Partner Organization where he now leads Manufacturing focus for the Digitization and Industries GTM team. He and his team are responsible for developing Cisco’s sales scaling engine in support of our WW Digitization and Industries strategy.

GPO has been focused on developing a partner ecosystem that complements our customers requirement for solutions that drive value-add business outcomes. Producing those outcomes often require a combination of partners with IT, OT, Cloud, And DevOps skills, Jad and his team are building the tools and assets designed to address that objective.

Jad previously worked at Cisco partners for over 11 years where he was Engineering Lead and CTO. Jad was awarded his CCIE in 2003 and has lead Sales Engineering teams for 20+ years.

He is based in Chicago.

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