We’re excited to begin the calendar year with the announcement of a new addition to Cisco’s Industrial Networking Switch portfolio.

Introducing the Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series switchesbuilt to address the most pressing problems of industrial networks:

  • Industrial operations are difficult to secure:  Cybersecurity threats are growing and evolving but most networks are flat layer-2 domains that are unsegmented with weak security controls. Often customers do not have visibility to what is connected to their network.​
  • Complex to deploy and manage: Multiple vendors and networks are the norm, each with disparate tools. Much is manual with multiple touch points and multiple steps. ​
  • Slower issue resolution: Poor network visibility, long outages due to reactive, break-fix troubleshooting causing productivity and financial losses​.

These issues create an opportunity for Cisco partners to build on their customer engagements with features and technologies essential to comprehensive and efficient IT/OT infrastructure deployments. Partners benefit from the following innovations:

  1. The IE9300 has 8x more density than the next industrial switch, and it’s the first in the industrial space to support true backplane stacking. StackWise Virtual (SV) – powered by the Cisco’s UADP ASIC – combines multiple switches into a single logical network entity from the network control plane and management perspectives. Also, the Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series switches form the foundational building block for SD-Access.
  2. For your customers who have deployed Cisco technologies in their enterprise infrastructure this switch seamlessly compliments those investments leveraging automation, management, and security solutions currently operating in the enterprise infrastructure.
  3. The IE 9300 provides your customers with the latest technologies to protect critical control systems, scale high-performance systems on a fibre-based LAN, and fulfil the most stringent regulatory compliance requirements. Especially well positioned for utility, roadways, oil & gas, and rail infrastructures that rely on fibre for long-distance connectivity and the use of non-conductive material in deployments.

Here are additional resources to help you position this product effectively with your customers:

Look for an email that was sent earlier on January 10 providing details about how you can participate in our Cisco launch activity. The email included information on a webcast event you can join, as well as registration links for partner training coming at the beginning of March.


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Jad Peterson

Senior Business Development Manager - GPO

Digital Transformation & IoT - Manufacturing