Real time decision making is critical to customer success. Customers that don’t take the necessary steps to build next generation infrastructures and solutions will be stuck with the same basic applications – monitoring, reporting, and simple rules-based operations. They will be unable to transition to the data-driven economy, and at a later stage take part in the upcoming outcome economy.

Partners are helping customers enable integration between OT and IT.  Seamless connectivity is realized by an edge framework (that works as middleware at the edge of an IoT network) and an integration platform, Cisco’s Edge Intelligence, to separate data generation from data usage.

Key to partners developing sustainable IoT practices is the ability to deploy scalable, secure, and repeatable full-stack solutions.  These solutions should meet three critical criteria:

  • Industry-leading cyber security
  • Enterprise scale
  • Low complexity

For example:

A food processing manufacturer needed to deploy sensors to manage batch cooking processes. This required field technicians to deploy sensors to monitor a wide variety of conditions including moisture, temperature, humidity, leak detection, and storage tank levels.

Gateways were necessary to operate in harsh environments to deliver secure, reliable, and long-range connectivity for indoor industrial environments.

Lastly, and most importantly, a cloud-based management dashboard was necessary to provide visibility into the location and condition of assets and facilities.

Partners deploying Cisco’s new Industrial Asset Vision full-stack solutions are seeing customers embrace this solution for use case scenarios across manufacturing, utilities, and transportation industries. Customers can quickly benefit by using this solution to drive business outcomes, partners build services or recurring revenue opportunities providing support for northbound data integrations and enterprise IT infrastructure alignments.

Your customers’ OT infrastructure management team requires a mechanism for working alongside IT in implementing these digital transformation solutions. That calls for an operator-first software dashboard that empowers operators and their IT support staff to deploy, monitor, and gain insights from industrial and connectivity assets simply and securely at scale.​​ Cisco’s Industrial Operations Dashboard delivers this and meets three core requirements:

  • Use-case based templates eliminate pre-deployment configuration and enable management of assets at scale.​
  • One simple unified view of connected industrial assets, tailored to OT needs with intuitive web interfaces and workflows.​
  • Enforce and control access and ensure standard security configurations across all industrial devices.​

Partner OT practices benefit from these integrations.  They can provide customers with a more efficient, scalable, managed, and secured infrastructure where numerous applications can be layered – they include predictive maintenance as well as remote asset monitoring and management. IT benefits include secure real-time communication with enterprise assets, while retaining the requisite efficiency for creating, scaling, maintaining, and securing the infrastructure. The result is increased IoT practice success, protection of profit margins, customer retention, and the creation of new business models.

Cisco’s Edge Intelligence, Industrial Asset Vision, and Industrial Operations Dashboard are three solutions designed to provide your customers with requisite architecture and technologies, and are intended to work seamlessly with your IoT GTM best practices.  Customers win, as you build your IoT business and drive substantial incremental revenues.

Good selling!

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Jad Peterson

Senior Business Development Manager - GPO

Digital Transformation & IoT - Manufacturing