Eric Ehlers

Marketing Manager
Manufacturing and Energy

Eric joined Cisco in 2016, taking responsibility for marketing in the manufacturing vertical. Ehlers works across all Cisco lines of business including IoT, Networking, Security and Collaboration solutions. In his role, he works with the various business units to provide vertical strategy, marketing, and communications with a keen focus on analytics to support partners and gain insight into customers.

Ehlers has worked in a series of industrial technology sectors, including manufacturing, utilities/smart grid, transportation, and oil and gas, where he cultivated commercial plans to support global marketing and sales operations and establish long-term growth business development. He was previously Director of Marketing at Belden, where he worked with the Industrial Networking and Connectivity, Enterprise Connectivity and Cybersecurity business units.

Ehlers holds a B.S. in Communication from Appalachian State University and Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

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