From IoT to security to modernizing the plant floor and increasing support for business applications, manufacturing CIO’s have a lot coming at them. The enterprise is extending, and barriers that were once clearly defined as operation technology (OT) and information technology (IT) are increasingly disappearing. Manufacturing has quickly adopted Ethernet as it’s de-facto standard on the plant floor. Wireless is becoming increasingly pervasive as new technology supports industrial applications and enables workers through mobility to access voice, video, and data for seamless collaboration across the plant floor. Newly deployed IoT sensors are creating massive amounts of real-time operational data critical to improving operations and the bottom line, but also tax a company’s infrastructure and ability to securely, move, store and compute data.

For CIOs, it is both exciting and complex, and their role is a critical piece in bridging the IT/OT teams. Manufacturing CIOs must ensure that collaboration is not only successful across groups but that processes, technologies, and new business models are all considered to unlock new opportunities. In October, many CIOs will gather at the Gartner ITxpo to tackle these issues and network with their peers and industry leaders to understand these challenges as well as how these efforts can enhance the future of their company. Cisco will be there, and we’ll not only have our leading IT experts in attendance, but many of our manufacturing industry experts will be on hand to discuss your Smart Manufacturing initiatives.

Cisco Blueprint Studio

One of the cool offerings Cisco will have this year is a Blueprint Workshop  on the show floor. The Blueprint Workshop is an excellent opportunity to work one- on-one with our manufacturing experts who will work with youthrough your primary challenges and opportunities to develop a digital transformation blueprint that is custom to your organization. This personalized blueprint can then be used as a vision to help you understand your current state, the potential value youcould realize and identify any value drivers to help create a roadmap for your businessneeds.

Visit us at Booth #331 to meet with one of our expert and design your blueprint.We also invite you to check out a number Cisco speaking sessions during the week.



Eric Ehlers

Marketing Manager

Manufacturing and Energy