Edna Conway

Chief Security Officer

Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain

Edna Conway serves as Cisco’s Chief Security Officer for its Global Value Chain. In this capacity, she develops and oversees the deployment of Cisco’s strategy to assess, monitor, and continuously improve the security and resiliency of its global value chain. Cisco's Value Chain Security Program spans its Supply Chain Operations, Engineering, Worldwide Partner and Services organizations. In addition, Conway drives Cisco’s supply chain cyber and security protection plan through its suppliers and channel partners.

Conway serves or has served on the company’s Cyber-Security Board, Risk and Resiliency Operating Committee, Global Compliance Governance Committee and Eco Board. She also serves as a leader in various international security, supply chain, and sustainability standards, public-private partnerships, and information and communications industry consortia (e.g., ISO, iNEMI, IPC, The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum, The Common Criteria and the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition).

Before joining Cisco’s Security and Trust Office, Conway has held multiple business, engineering and legal leadership positions at Cisco. Prior to Cisco, Conway was a partner in an international private legal practice and served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire.

Recognized for her expertise across industries, Conway is a frequent speaker for many organizations and companies. Her speaking venues have included government, academic and industry forums. Her work has also been featured in a range of publications, analyst reports, and case studies, some of which are referenced at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ednaconway

She holds an AB from Columbia University, a law degree from the University of Virginia and Executive Education credentials from Carnegie Mellon, New York and Stanford Universities and MIT.


June 23, 2016


Connected Value Chains: The Pervasive Security Imperative

1 min read

We can no longer debate the reality of digital disruption and its impact on each of us in all we do, at work, at home and at play. Today’s challenge is to embrace the connected world and address security on a comprehensive continuum to ensure its optimum impact. To do this, we must look at […]

March 11, 2016


Don’t Let the Lights Go Out on Critical Infrastructure Security

3 min read

As cyberattack prevention becomes an increasingly critical focus of homeland security efforts, industry observers are taking a closer look at the readiness of the nation’s critical infrastructure. Some believe there is reason to worry. Researchers recently revealed that many industrial systems, including some used in public utilities, come with default passwords that are readily available […]

February 24, 2016


Here, There & Everywhere – Harnessing Your Value Chain Security Beast!

1 min read

Security threats are varied and often unpredictable. We are faced with an expanding attack surface. Adversaries abound, spanning organized crime, nation-states and malicious insiders. It is against this backdrop that...

December 4, 2015


For Value Chain Security Collaboration, Use a Carrot With Your Stick

1 min read

The Digital Economy is transforming the way that organizations operate. Deploying a secure, trustworthy infrastructure is no longer enough. Security must be designed into all facets of an enterprise’s network and its third party ecosystem. At the same time, enterprises of all sizes must shrink the attack surface. And, foster an open, security-aware culture, internally and […]

August 11, 2015


Lowest Price / Technically Acceptable AND Secure: The Path to YES!

1 min read

Is Lowest Price/Technically Acceptable (LPTA) an impediment to Secure IT solutions?  While many hypothesize that meeting LPTA mandates and also acquiring security “built in” is as rare as the mythological unicorn, I suggest that a reasoned path to both exists. That path requires a walk through “Value Chain” security. In the public sector, where technology […]

July 22, 2015


Securing the Supply Chain Throughout the Product Lifecycle

1 min read

In this environment of advanced threats along every point of the value chain, I’d like to talk about what it means for you, our customers and partners, to have supply chain security throughout the product lifecycle. I’ve just finished a short video on this topic. I’d love to hear your feedback, insights and suggestions on […]

June 18, 2015


Securing the Supply Chain is a Collaborative Effort

1 min read

I’ve been thinking lately about how collaboration can work for the IT industry as we strive to address security. Cisco’s supply chain security capability focuses on three key exposures: taint, counterfeit and misuse of intellectual property. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how we might detect and mitigate against counterfeit ASICs. I have a hunch that […]

May 14, 2015


IoT Security: Keep Calm and Connect On

2 min read

There’s a lot of hype around securing the Internet of Things (IoT). At the end of the day, I suggest that a more reasoned approach is in order. Securing the IoT will not be achieved by frantic worry about the volume of endpoints. Myopic focus on the volume of devices in an IoT ecosystem can […]

February 25, 2015


The Proliferation of Mandates: A Growing Threat to Supply Chain Security

1 min read

As the focus on securing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) supply chains intensifies, the number of standards and guidelines is increasing at a troubling pace. These well-intended efforts to provide a framework for security may very well be “cooking the global ICT supply chain goose,” without moving the security needle. For more on this challenge see […]

Cisco’s Supply Chain Climate Leadership Recognized with EPA’s 2013 Supply Chain Leadership Award

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Leadership Awards awarded to Cisco the EPA 2013 Supply Chain Leadership Award for innovation, commitment, leadership, and technical achievements in managing and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout our supply chain. The award is among several given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Center for Corporate Climate […]