The Digital Economy is transforming the way that organizations operate. Deploying a secure, trustworthy infrastructure is no longer enough. Security must be designed into all facets of an enterprise’s network and its third party ecosystem. At the same time, enterprises of all sizes must shrink the attack surface. And, foster an open, security-aware culture, internally and throughout their value chain.

Given Cisco’s commitment to being trustworthy, transparent and accountable, I have been thinking quite a bit lately about the importance of collaboration.

Partnering for improved security

Ensuring that your value chain embraces security wholeheartedly requires a commitment to collaboration. Embracing that commitment can enhance and accelerate security innovation. A true partnership that focuses on security can also create opportunities for previously unexplored operational excellence.

As Cisco deployed our first implementation of our value chain security strategy, we embraced the need to recognize and honor security champions. We wove security into our annual appreciation event for our manufacturing suppliers, whose partnership is key to our collective success. In 2013, we presented our 1st Annual Security Champion Award based on a rigorous set of criteria.

I am proud to say that committed partnership with our nominees for this valued award over the past three years has created an impressive array of security innovation and operational excellence.

Collaboration drives innovation

Focusing on taint, counterfeit and intellectual property protection, our value chain accomplished amazing things:

  • One logistics supplier handled 1 million transactions in one year without a single security incident – not one data, physical or operational misstep.
  • A programmable device supplier raised the bar on their products’ foundational security, embedding unique Cisco security features into their portfolio. In addition, they collaborated with us to pilot advanced bitstream encryption.
  • A manufacturing services supplier instituted real-time “Proactive Anomaly Investigation Teams.” Thereby enabling earlier anomaly detection and mitigation, before anomalies bloom into breaches.
  • Another innovative supplier improved factory performance in an interesting way. Their new Security Maturity Model integrated shop floor and information security together with incident management measurements.

The message is clear: together we can be worthy of our customers’ trust.

To learn more about our commitment to maintaining strong protections for our customers, products and company, visit the Cisco Trust and Transparency Center.


Edna Conway

Chief Security Officer

Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain